Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Clancy the Clown 0 - City of Lynn 2

The Attorney General is not going help out the Chipster according to a recent post on Go away Edward! We're not giving you a dime. I'm proud of the Attorney General's office in this case. While they can't figure out how to win a very easily attainable Senate seat, they got this one. Clancy was trying to get someone else to fight his losing battle.

That's two losses now for the Clancy machine. So sad. The things he could have done with that 30K.  I wonder if he has a reserve account at home that he can constantly dip into to rectify his horrific fiscal practices. Nah... that's probably just how he ran the city. I mean, no one could be that reckless with their own personal finances..... right???


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