Sunday, May 30, 2010

Come Celebrate Our Downtown Chefs in Lynn, MA this June!

This month includes two fantastic food events in Lynn, MA that are not to be missed. I might be able to make the tail end of Taste of Lynn. I will definitely be at the Chili Cookoff. 

June 2nd is the Taste of Lynn. Many of our finest Downtown establishments will be over at St. Michael's starting at 5:30PM and going until 8:30. Directions to St. Michael's Hall. Check out this great list:

This year's Taste of Lynn venues include:

 Brother's Deli

Casa Molina

Fernando's Restaurante

Jamaica's Flavor

Joe's Home Cooking

John's Roast Beef

Lynnway Sports Center

Mi Guatemala Bakery

Porthole Restaurant

Rincon Macorisano

Rolly's Tavern Restaurants

Turbine Wine Bar

Wine Tasting Offered By:

Barefoot Wines & Bubbly

Beer Tasting Offered By:

Mayflower Brewing Company

On June 5th, you must head over to the Red Hot Chili cookoff at Lynn Arts. This venue is just starting to heat up again with some great work happening at The Little Gallery Under the Stairs and in the main galleries. This is a really fun event every year and is made even better with the addition of Matt O'Neill's chili. Oh yeah, a few other cooks will be trying to compete as well ;)  Here's the list:

Best of Boston's Blue Ox
Representative Robert Fennell (Capitol Diner)
Rolly Hayes (Rolly's Tavern on the Square)
Taso Nikolakopoulos (John's Roast Beef)
Dave Parsons (voted #1 chef at the Topsfield Fair)
Donny Hamill (local chef extraordinaire)
Mary Crowley, Payroll Express
Diana Breed, Farquhar & Black Insurance
David Shavoy, Christophers
Paul Milonopoulos, The Daily Item
Raul Castanon, Boston Machine Lofts and food writer for

Before or after either one of these, check out one of the actual venues for a drink or dessert. You will be amazed at what is going on in Downtown Lynn.  Put your foodie hat on and get your Downtown ON! 



  1. for those of us who don't know- where is St. Michael's ? I can't find an address on any of the marketing pieces!

  2. They like for people to not attend things in Lynn, MA. It's this wierd marketing technique they all have. I wouldn't have even known about it if I hadn't been in Turbine the day the organizer was there.


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