Friday, May 14, 2010

Fireworks Fundraiser!

I moved here on a July 3rd four years ago. I remember that night when the fireworks started to go off right behind the Item building. It was so cool. I went up to our roof to check it out and the only other person who lived there was on the roof as well. Not only were the Lynn Fireworks going off, but several backyard displays were in full fervor. Dangerous, but fun to watch! Even more fun was watching the cop cars race around Lynn, like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to find the culprits :-)

In any case, our yearly fireworks display is important for Lynn and our recreational area along Lynn Beach. Come out and support the effort at the Porthole on June 2nd (yes, the same night as the Taste of Lynn..grrr). This is the power that is the Lynn Marketing machine. You all hide your events until we bump in to them or find out about them last minute. You must all be using the Item to advertise? Glad I don't do that. Huh Phil? It doesn't seem to work.

Thanks to the Mayor's office for sending us this release:

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  1. FYI - I've let the Mayor's office know this was on the same night and same time as Taste Of Lynn. They might be moving the date/time of their fundraiser if possible.


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