Saturday, May 29, 2010

Live from Culturefest

NOTE: these pics are from my iPhone. Better pics coming when I get home.

4:22 - thank you Juan , Fernando's and Amisrael for bringing this very special event to Downtown Lynn. I look forward to many more.

4:16 - Venezuelan band is now performing on Munroe

3:40 - new singer has taken the stage.

3:21 - today has already been such a great cultural experience for Downtown Lynn. I hope you've had a chance to check it out. If not, it's not too late. A Venezuelan dance troupe is on it's way downtown. Police chief Coppinger is scheduled to speak, and more!!! Get down here and thank Juan for bringing life to the Downtown area. While your at it have one of his taquitos and thank him again.

2:25 - Alex Pachunga is now performing. Saw this guy at the Haiti benefit. He is quite the performer.

2:05 - just had empanadas and enciladas from Fernando's and I officially dubbed Juan, The King of Food.

1:30 - Los Sugar Kings. The children's Cambodian dancing was a delight.

1:19 - mayor Kennedy just addressed the audience and now we are watching Cambodian dancers.

12:49 - the Mariachi music is fantastic

12:18 - Lynn police handing out free bike helmets, Seth spinning tunes, food project giving away vegetable seeds, Atlantic Toyota showing off some sweet cars, bouncy castle and ice cream truck for the kiddies, and Fernando's is cooking up some tasty food. I'm about to go get some now!

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