Friday, May 14, 2010

Our New Mayor Knows How to Read...

Well, I suppose our old Mayor did too. Otherwise, how would he have kept his running journal so up to date.   Or... maybe he didn't know how to read.... and it wasn't that he deleted all those emails.... it's that no one ever sent him any... Yeah, that must be it!

Who would of thought I'd still be having so much fun at his expense so many months later. I think he should run for governor, just for comic effect.

But I digress...

Here's a press release from Mayor Kennedy's office:


For Immediate Release: May 14, 2010
Contact:  Claire Cavanagh - 598-4000 x 6857


LYNN-Mayor Judith Kennedy today announced she will reactivate a past successful initiative,  “The Mayor’s Summer Reading Incentive Program,” for Lynn student readers from Pre-K to Grade 8.  

“This effort promotes the importance of reading and rewards each individual for his or her hard work on achieving the goal of reading a specific number of  books,” said Mayor Kennedy.  “The program had been successful in the past and we expect the same great results this summer.”

Mayor Kennedy’s Reading Incentive Program is a continuation of the Lynn Public Library’s reading initiative  which  requires participants to read  a specific number of books.  All pre-K through grade 8 readers who read an additional five books or read for ten hours, successfully, will be invited to an ice-cream smorgasbord party in Lynn City Hall, hosted by Mayor Kennedy in late August.

To participate in the Mayor’s Reading Incentive Program, children can register at the main library on North Common Street.  Completed forms must be returned to the Mayor’s Office by Friday, August 26th.

For more information regarding Mayor Kennedy’s Summer Reading Incentive Program, and the required reading, please contact the Mayor’s Office at (781)  598-4000 or the Lynn Public Library at (781) 595-0567.

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  1. My kids participate in the library summer reading program every year, as well as the Melrose library's program. Melrose always has an ice cream party at the end... just remember to have something for the lactose intolerant children Mayor Kennedy!


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