Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pho Minh Ky was Pho-nomenal

I wasn't sure how two Pho restaurants could exist so close to one another in Lynn, MA, but then I tried Pho Minh Ky and I now understand. It's hard to say If Pho Lynn or Pho Minh Ky is better to be honest. I can't remember if Pho Lynn serves alcohol or not, but that was the only negative to Minh Ky. They are both fantastic nights out. The atmosphere at Pho Minh Ky is a bit more casual.

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the menu so I am going to have to be descriptive as i am unable to remember the actual drink and dish names. I started with a limeade drink and some hot tea. Both were very delicious. For an appetizer, I got the spring rolls with tofu. Any thing that comes with peanut sauce for dipping is a friend to Corey Jackson. The ingredients were very fresh and tasty. Even the tofu, which I don't typically go for, was very good. Maybe that had something to do with the baptism I gave it in peanut sauce, but nevertheless, it was yummy.

For dinner, I ordered a pork dish. It was small pieces of pork still on the bone in an incredible sauce. A little difficult to eat but the taste was worth the fight of getting it off the bone while attempting not to choke to death. Seriously, well worth it! For a side I had chinese broccoli with carrots and onions. Also fantastic.

Seth was telling me it used to be called Pho 2000, which we both agreed was a fantastic name. Make a good band name for one of you groups of aspiring artists. :)

Go visit Pho Minh Ky on union street right across the street from Caruso's close to the corner of Union and Silsbee. Don't forget to tell them that sent you.


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