Friday, May 7, 2010

Will McGrail go to McJail?

One can only hope!!!!!

The New England Regional Council of Carpenters is standing on the corner of Munroe and Washington today handing out flyers entitled:

"John McGrail of Mayo Group is ....... MAGICALLY SUSPICIOUS"

  I love it! The handout contains several excerpts from the Press Release on April 5th released by the Attorney General. Apparently, today is his day in court. These guys are in Worcester, Lynn and one other city today.

There are bad developers (most of them seem to be terrible these days) and there are BAD developers (aka. Mayo-nnaise Group).This man and his horrible company need to be stopped. It happens today if Coakley doesn't screw this up like she screwed up her run for the Senate.

I'll close as the flyer closes

"Let's hope justice prevails and the "Luck of the Irish" runs out for McGrail"


To read the full press release, see the Attorney General's site.


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  1. Just yesterday, I was wondering why there seem to be more stringent consumer protection laws for just about everything else we buy, but somehow residential developers and the construction industry as a whole get a pass when it comes to defective products, or products that don't live up to their claims.

    Based on conversations I've had (leaving out the innocent and guilty), I've learned that odds are usually stacked in favor of developers when consumers have issues with leaky windows and rooftops, even with brand new structures. Please excuse my cynacism, but it seems the courts are set up to favor which ever party can afford the better lawyer.

    Let's hope justice prevails this time.


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