Friday, May 14, 2010

Zee Other Side of the Story...

Zee Mah asked me to share his side of the story. It does sound like a string of bad luck. I'm happy that R.A.W. was able to help him out of a bind again. I think it looks good.  I'm hoping we can now turn our energies to helping secure funds to improve the buildings safety and appeal to new buyers. He thinks the roof is a 30K repair and the building is in need of 300-400K of rehab. Here's the letter I received this morning from Zee Mah. He gave me his permission to reveal his side of the story:
I know there has been a lot of talk about my building lately, I have re-listed the property again hoping to find a buyer, as you know it was previously on the market but I was only able attract a group of curious site seeing people, it wasn't me who didn't want to sell, I listed with an aggressive asking price of $299,000 and I am just looking to get enough to pay off what I still owe. I hope you guys understand that (1) I am not a rich person who has a hobby of buying properties as toys and abandon them after getting tired of them, (2) no, my parents didn't leave me the property and money and I haven't been busy traveling the world and forgot to maintain the building, (3) I didn't think the bricks on the exterior of the building will become gold bars from aging and I am going to end up with a fortune. The truth is I purchased the building in 2004 for $465,000 and planned to develop the building into Lofts and to occupy one of the units myself and to have a business on the 1st floor, however, I wasn't smart and experienced enough to look into some unexpected issue, I needed to obtain the easement right in the back of the building owned by the church building on Union St in order to make the project happen, for some reason, all of the other abutters (Raw Art, Omar, Insurance Co) already have right except for me, thinking that a neighborhood church is a place that people can find help, I was unable to get the church to respond to my request for a long period of time, donation was offered but I just couldn't get anyone to respond to me, finally after over 3 years and  spending $1000s and $1000s in attorney's fee and paying the church $20000+, the easement was granted. As we all know the market has then changed and so as my financial status, during my ownership of the building, I have spent over $40000 in architecture plans and engineering work plus $1000s in monthly carrying cost like mortgage payments and taxes, it might sound hard to believe but I already have over $200000 in to it plus the cost for the purchase, this building has completely drained me financially and destroyed my dream. Like a lot of Americans, I have been suffering from the change of the economy and struggling. With all the money that I have  already spent, I will have no problem spending more to get the roof repaired but my current financial status just not allow me to do so. Without any luck getting any construction fund due to my existing debts problem, I have turned to EDIC for help but got turned down due to the nature of the building. I understand that the building is becoming an eyesore for the neighbors but I rather not to board it up since I think it will look worse. I am sure this is none of anyone's concern but I just want to let you guys know that since becoming the owner of the building, my life has been significantly affected by this costly mistake, mentally and financially, believe me, not to mention about the money that I've lost, the stress has caused my 3/4 head of hair to turn grey in a few years. I am not Mayo Group or any public funded developer, the feeling of losing this amount of money that I worked so hard for years is not easy, a rainy night is a good night for most people to sleep but not me, I own a building with a leaky roof and I am not ignoring the problem like what you guys think. I will continue to search for other funding options to make the necessary repairs to the building but in the mean time, Jason at Raw Art is going to decorate the front with some new pictures, if not, I will hang something up to block the inside view.
Best Regards,
Zee Mah


  1. Oh man, that's rough. I feel for him!

  2. So Jocelyn, got 800K? Do we have 8 of us with 100K?

  3. I hope you realize now that sometimes people take risks, and they don't always work out. It doesn't make them bad people, and to be honest you don't really have a right to complain.

    You sit in your loft (likely your only real estate "investment") and villify others who take risk. No doubt if it had worked out for the guy he'd be the evil landlord driving a nicer car than yours, but it hasn't.

    I think the lofters owe mr. Mah an apology... You literally poured salt on the man's wounds...

    Look around DTL... what will you do once the wine bars close up shop??? Will you attack the owners who've lost their investment too???

    You live in a sheltered world worrying about everyone else, but when was the last time you DID something?? FYI raising $200 or picking up some garbage doesn't count.

    For shame, I hope someone forces you to explain in agonizing detail a great trauma in your life and posts it on the internet in a blog...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Um... the property is now listed for the first time in 2 years. I think I'm good with what I did.

    You're correct that I own no other property but my chance on a 200K loft in Central Square.

    You're incorrect about DTL. The wine bars aren't going anywhere and neither are we. Sorry Brian.

    I'd be happy to talk about my failed investment if I had one. I happen to still believe in Downtown Lynn.


  6. That was my comment deleted due to a spelling error.

  7. Not at this moment in time, no, I don't have 800k, lol. Maybe I'll start playing the lottery though. I can talk to you this weekend if you are around.

    Brian, I don't live downtown, but I do happen to know that most of the people I've met who live there are very actively involved in the many non-profit organizations throughout the city and beyond. Just an fyi, not meant to be a rebuttal.

  8. Just be careful of what you say. This can border on slander. Your insurance policy offers minimal protection if someone were to sue. Had someone posted some the lies you post about this poor man, the mayor and others, I would of started a law suit.
    This attack on this man was unnecessary. I am surprised he even responded. Bullying and scare tactics works.
    I think your better than this Corey. Your heart is in the right place.

  9. You referring to another blog? No lies or slander here. Go back and read the articles.

    If you are one of those who can't appreciate humor, that's a different story, but I do not believe I ever lied.

    The store front is clean and the building is listed for sale. Let's celebrate the victory for Central Square and move onward.

    I'm in the fight to help Zee Mah get this thing sold!

  10. Thank you, Corey, for continuing to keep us informed of the positive things and important issues occurring in DTL--and doing so with passion and humor. I especially enjoy the dialogues you spark among your fans and critics; although I suppose that the anti-Corey folks who comment negatively about you are, indeed, fans since they keep reading post after post. Keep it up, everyone!

  11. No one is Anti Corey. All points of view need to be explored in order to paint a complete picture. He is a man with passion!

    I wonder if Lynn or another nonprofit could turn the building into something like expanding the shelters or making it a rooming house/half way house. It may be worth looking into federal/state money for issues like that.

  12. Corey,
    There are a few harassers on another blog, which have been flagged.

    Record the ip address and log the comments, if it becomes consistent. This is your private blog, and if the commentator is consistent... isn't this harassment?

    Unfortunatly you do not want to get rid of annonymous blogging, because of a few who abuse the priviledge.

    btw... could you update to my new blog link. Cityoflynnconcepts is moved. thx

  13. A blog is public isn't it. If you didn't want people to read what your write then why have a blog?
    Blogs get people thinking and I think that is Coreys idea. The comments that have been posted about Zee are a difference of opinion as Corey has posted.

    katerina you think these comments are harrassment, perhaps naysayers...

    I have posted some of the comments on your site as I completely disagree with 99.9% of our posting and the false information you are giving the public using scare tactics. All of them I have saved and perhaps they have not been fluffy none of them has alluded to any sense of harassment or name calling.

    FYI most people hid IP addresses--I think I am off the Ivory Coast now. It takes a court issued court order to get the actual information. Why not get a reality check. you are so annoying. (annoying in the way Carrot Top annoys me---a rude comment but not harassment)yes this was a rude comment not harassment... perhaps study for your ARE exams!

  14. Only Corey knows if the comments are harassment, if the sum of Anons + Name commentators = the same person, which equals a lot.

    Perhaps negative commentators do love Lynn if they read all every blog? I do have you recorded visiting my other blogs as well.

    As a suggestion, it makes a stronger arguement (for your sake) if you reveal your identity.

  15. Brian or Anon,
    Can I ask?.. why are you against people trying to share information and make the public more aware. I find your tactics to be just the opposite. What are you trying to hide?

    And what scare tactics or false info have I used? I'm a bit confused.. but please contact me, and keep this business off Corey's blog.

    None of what anyone has written anywhere is false. Hope you visit the shops in downtown Lynn as much as you do our blogs :)

    Corey- I apologize my stalkers have interrupted your blog. I'll have to find an alias to post here :)

  16. I suppose demolition order could be seen as a scare tactic, but it's common practice for our council. You should watch a meeting sometime on Typically a de order is placed and then the owner is forced to clean up or else.

    If we go back to the first post, I did contact zee mah first. He did not send the required information until Jamie marsh and other residents got involved. Again, there is nothing wrong with what we or I did here.

    I love it when you two get going. I only know which anon it is when it starts fighting with Katerina.

    I have no interest in tracking IPs and i would like yup to not use An alias.

    Talk away. Try to keep it constructive.

    In any case we will be seeking a sit down with some residents, mr mah, Jamie, and maybe cowdell. Wish us luck.

  17. yeah. I'll remove the tracker. It was used for safety when I had problems before. But it really doesn't matter anymore nor do I care if it is the same person making all the comments.

    BTW. I don't understand how the earlier comments apply to this post.
    INFO shared here was released by the owner. period.

  18. Correct. He asked me to share.

    I wasted about ten minutes on this looking back at all prior posts. There were no lies and. No slanderous statements made. I barely talk about mah in the posts.

    All the things in his letter were made up by him. I never said anything about world travel or bricks turning into gold although I wish I had. That was a good one.

    People need to read. It would save us all a lot of time and we might actually be able to move forward that way.

  19. Just like to throw my support to Corey for everything he has done and continues to do. It is a lot more than most.

    A halfway house/shelter on that site? Really? Don't we already have enough of that crap in Lynn?

  20. In response to Brian D, picking up garbage and raising $200 does count. Every little bit counts. The more little bits we put together, the more that gets done. Everyone's contribution, no matter how small, counts for something. Corey has made no small contribution to the civic discourse. Furthermore, it's everyone's right to complain; last time I checked there was still a first amendment. As far as libel and slander go, I believe both involve malicious intent and knowingly spreading false information. I don't think this is the case here.

  21. Tom could not have said it better. One has to respect him since he really rallies around change in the community.
    I also agree lots of small help makes the big picture better.
    Corey has humor and even though I personally do not always agree with him or his tactics you cannot help but respect him since he always fights for a resolution to an issue that he is passionate about.
    On the other hand accusing someone of being a stalker and a harasser alludes to the fact they are indeed doing something illegal. Again creating false facts, illusions as she does in her foolish quests to save the world. Again say as you will on your blog but once you start being an attention whore getting the newspaper to print stories then your silliness needs to be backed up with facts not illusions. And the snarky way this person reacts when someone simply questions her and does not agree with her is insane. FYI i have all the comments posted . What is truly pathetic is abusing the words of stalker and harassments as there are true cases that do exist. If this fool wants a private blog then stop calling the paper. The only paper that would give this silliness any attention is the Lynn Item! Ohh I support the building of these stores as it will boost local economy. Jobs for people and tax money. Even if they pay low and the corporations abuse the tax system it is still a positive $ amount coming into the north shore.

  22. For those of you who have no idea what these two are talking about, check out Anon, is there a site with these so-called "facts"

    This will give you an idea of the development proposed by walmart and lowes on 107 in Salem and some of our Lynn resident's objections.

    Please comment on THAT blog about THAT story. :)


  23. Anon,
    Because you disagree with people's views, doesn't mean acting like a 4 year old with name calling will help you win your argument that you cannot get across.
    I am glad I am being annoying to you and developers.

    If anything we are trying to help improve our city.
    Which should improve your interests (if you live in this city).

    Your comments are just becoming funny lately.

    I'm sure you know exactly why I have set up safety nets online, and its not for commenting. If you are a part of the stalking, then you should be concerned.

    At least tell me which development you have personal interest in, which I've tried to make changes to? VNA & the Wal-Mart Lowes thing?...Can I speculate who you may be now? and why you have interest in Corey's blog too?

  24. Anon is Stacey D. of realtybs

    We tied her anon commentary with another one on a different blog.

  25. 'We' as in not including Corey.

    a discussion here was repeated on another blog, where we made the connect.

  26. Sweetheart. All I will say is Amanda D too has been emailing me the past 2 days with odd requests to help find her commercial real estate in DTL. In these emails she has listed clues of my personal life, where I have property and even was so kind as to mention something about my child. I have ignored it, but now she is stepping into a path that may need to have her super sleuth work looked at by a real life police person. At first comical and oddly interested as to my she had taken a shine to me and my blog has turned to creepy.
    So we'll consider her mystery solved Nancy Drew style and let her get back to an evening with the Hardy Boys solving another mystery.
    FYI The land of the US allows for people to voice opinions, and for agreement and disagreement.
    Of course we know Corey would never be behind something as strange as this mystery. His work is much classier!

  27. You are funny.
    I had an idea you were ironman, and a few others.

    But the Florida bit was not yours but my real story.
    I guess we share something in common. I don't know anything about you. Although I must say you might actually be a nice person.

    Hope you have a nice weekend. :)

  28. Just out of curiosity, what was the child remark?
    You acting like a 4-year old? Are you also referring to the Florida talk on your blog???

    I think we should all just make friends. You did accuse people here at first of something they did not do. And worse with name calling.

    But lets not play games anymore. Lets all get rest and make friends. I hope everyone else can put it behind them, and the Daily Item can get some rest too. Although the nay-saying has been helpful in keeping emotions running for a good cause.

  29. Amanda, Katerina, et al - Is "We" the collective representation of multiple personalities inside a seriously FUBAR'd brain?

    You seem to be obsessed with finding out who the Anons are...

    Hmm... Maybe there is more than one person posting as anon. The cyberstalkers from Ban Wal-Mart, inc (AKA Mommy's Basement Brigade) must be working overtime.

    What's your obsession with Florida?

  30. Now we can just rest knowing.

    As you said-
    "The land of the US allows for people to voice opinions, and for agreement and disagreement"

    So why do you under-mind your right by hiding your identity?


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