Sunday, June 6, 2010

Best Chili in Lynn Goes to Matt O'Neill of The Blue Ox

We had a great time at LynnArts last night. The chili was fantastic, the current exhibit is fantastic, the art miniatures were great, and always love hanging around with some Lynners.  The current exhibit is photography and is really good. Unfortunately LynnArts decided a while back that opening on Saturday is not necessary. So instead, it's become a gallery that only seniors can enjoy.

There will be some opinion pieces soon on this blog about LynnArts.

So, the evening wasn't about LynnArts, it was about these great chefs and some awesome chili and that's fine, but I don't think that was the intent. No one even spoke about what LynnArts is or why we were there to give them more of our money. I'm starting to wonder if it's time for some dramatic change there. 

But enough of this rant, how about some pictures from last night's event:

Matt O'Neill of The Blue Ox serving up the winning chili

This was the art that was auctioned off last night. The pieces were great, I wish there were more. I got an artisically enhanced postcard of Central Square by David Parsons.

Seth from and Raul Castanon. Raul had an amazing presentation and the flavors in his chili were extremely unique. Was very delicious. 

We then moved on to "carnival games." These kids were fantastic. My wife, Sarah, had the first go at it. No luck!
I'll take care of this...... Ok, maybe not! 
 Can Seth save the day? Look at that form and determination!
YAY! Seth gets 1, no.. 2, no... 3 Bears and breaks the event record for most bears per 9 throws!!!! I always knew Seth was a better blogger, but I never expected he had better aim! I feel so inadequate. :-)

The crowd eagerly awaits the winner of this year's Best Chili!
It's Matt O'Neill from The Blue Ox!

Our favorite omelette maker, State Rep. Bob Fennell, also makes one mean chili!! That's Dave Parsons next to Bob. He was one of the fantastic chili's of the evening and also a contributing artist to the Wall of Miniatures. I went home with his piece! Thanks Dave!

All in all, a fantastic night. As a chili event, it was A+. As an art fundraiser, it gets a D-.  So, how do we up the level of the art experience at LynnArts. It seems like we have the artists, from what I see online about the people involved. What are we missing?



  1. As always thought provoking. The chili event was so much fun that it wasn't till I read your blog that I realized how right on you are. What is the mission of Lynn Arts? I'm not really sure and though you had a sense of what happens there from pictures on the wall between the front gallery and the theater in back, the purpose of the night should have been made more explicit. Raw Arts, on the other hand, makes the reason you are there supporting them with your presence and cash, very clear.

    In any event it was a great success for other reasons!

  2. Maybe the event went to the back taxes Lynn Arts owes. They really should take care of that! lol

  3. Anon,
    Right on! 10K in back taxes is just unacceptable. I am still trying to figure out what that number is. Aren't they a non-profit like every other business downtown. They must have setup a payment in lieu of taxes, or they are not really a non-profit.

    Need to look in to this further.

    We'll be seeing a lot more on this topic in the coming months.


  4. Nope. Just looked in public records they own the building and I imagine collect rent from the other artists? Pretty sad when they are getting grants, mostly likely have exempt status,have people on salary and do not pay the taxes in the community they claim to serve.
    It really makes you want to check out any organization you donate to!
    Argh I would really of given them more credit.
    Again this is based only on a paper from the Item who claims they owe so much.

  5. 21-29 Exchange St, Lynn, MA 01901-1407

    Map Ref.: B:082 L:595 S:020 Zoning: CBD

    Owner 1: Lynn Arts Inc

    Owner 2:

    Owner Address: 25 Exchange St,Lynn, MA 01901-1407
    Property Information
    Use: City/Town Property Style:

    Levels: 3 Lot Size: 0.35 Acres (15204 sqft.)

    Year Built: 1890 Total Area: 29240 sqft.

    Total Rooms: 0 Living Area: 19803 sqft.

    Bedrooms: 0 First Floor Area: 0 sqft.

    Full Baths: 0 Addl Floor Area: 0 sqft.

    Half Baths: 0 Attic Area: 0 sqft.

    Roof Type: Flat Finished Basement: 0 sqft.

    Heat Type: Forced Air Basement: 9317 sqft.

    Fuel Type: Natural Gas Basement Type:

    Exterior: Stone/Stucco Attached Garage: 0

    Foundation: Other Garage: 0

    Air Conditioned: Yes Fireplaces: 0

    Condition: Good
    Assessment Information
    Last Sale Date: 9/18/1996 Last Sale Price: $0

    Last Sale Book: 13759 Last Sale Page: 508

    Map Ref.: B:082 L:595 S:020 Tax Rate (Res): 15.53

    Land Value: $154,300 Tax Rate (Comm): 31.05

    Building Value: $1,551,000 Tax Rate (Ind): 31.05

    Misc Improvements: $0 Fiscal Year: 2010

    Total Value: $1,705,300 Estimated Tax: $52,949.57
    Mortgage History
    Recent Mortgage #1

    Buyer Name: Lynnarts Inc Lender Name: Lynn Dept Of Comm Dev

    Mortgage Amount: $800,000 Mortgage Date: 9/18/1996

    Mortgage Book: 13759 Mortgage Page: 516

  6. I like the purpose of the building and a lot of what they are able to do there. I think the leadership is an obvious issue. Their 990 in 2009 showed losses for this year and last. Their revenue in 2009 was a measly 300K.

    It's a great asset that is being poorly used.

    I've said this to the President of the Board of LynnArts, Steve Walsh, and I'll say it to all of you. The greatest thing LynnArts has going inside that building is hidden under the stairs with poor signage and seems to receive very little promotion from LynnArts themselves. If you try to find TLGUTS on the website, it's the last link at the bottom of a page of artists and groups I've never heard of.

    I've heard they are giving her more responsibility going forward. That can only mean good things for whatever she is tasked with, but I still hold we have a problem at the top.

    It may stem from the fact that the ED only receives 47K (Public info in the 990). For that money, you need someone who is ready to bleed for whatever artistic purpose they have in mind. I don't get the sense that that is happening over there. It's never open when I'm home. That's all the proof I need.



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