Saturday, June 5, 2010

Buy Some Artwork at The Chili Cook-off Tonight at Lynn Arts!

Tonight, starting at 7PM, the chili cook-off and annual art and silent auction will be taking place at Lynn Arts on Exchange Street.  We've talked about the fantastic chili on here and Seth now has a great writeup on Lynnhappens that includes a lot more information. I wanted to include here the names of the wonderful artists that have contributed time and their valuable artwork to this event. Hope to see many of you there. I'm the big dork with the camera. Come say hi!

Here's the list of participating RED HOT Artists. Where I could find websites or samples of their work I linked to those sites for you to check it out. The work you see on these sites may or may not be what you see at Lynn Arts tonight. Have fun getting to know these guys and gals.

Wall of miniatures:
Michael Milczarek
Rick Cloran
Silent Auction:
Rob Farris
Amy Anderson
Leslie Rosenberg
Jean Noyes
Pat Flaherty
Marilyn Cloran


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