Saturday, June 12, 2010

Councilor-At-Large Running Fundraising Campaign for Lynn Police Department

This is almost comical. What's next... a raffle? 

Grand Prize - A Plot of Land on Lynn's New Waterfront
Runner-Up - Ride around for a day with Chief Coppinger
2nd Runner-Up -  A brand new Duffy truck

How about a silent auction? We could bid on old police bikes and used uniforms!!!

Councilor-at-Large Duffy would like money to be given by businesses to the Lynn Police Department through a fund set up through EDIC. I personally think this is crazy, no?!?! Yes... private/public partnerships are good. This is not an example of such a partnership.  Businesses pay taxes for police personnel. Lynn has a pretty high tax rate as I understand it for our current business owners. Now, certain businesses will give a little more? hmmm.... I don't like it.

If it's really necessary, I would assume a tax increase (for residents and businesses) is the correct and only fair and honest way to provide the additional protection needed to the city.

Duffy, put the collection basket down. It's embarrassing.


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