Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's The Trash, Stupid!

It's Certainly Not the Crime! It's Definitely not the Parking! It's not even .... wait for it..... The Pitbulls!

It's the freakin trash!

Covered Trash Cans (Up Union and All of Downtown) and More Frequent Street Sweeping! NOW!

I apologize, am I getting a little whiny again? Well you see, we've tried for months the nice way. We're sick of being nice. As a matter of fact, the last time we really wanted something and didn't get it, we were told we were being too nice. ;)

Allrighty then! Get us some covered trash cans and put a lid on both the trash and us whiny Lynners!

P.S. This wasn't an issue a year ago. Hmmm.... what's different about this year? Mr. Fink? You have any ideas? For those of you who don't know, Fink is the new head of the DPW...opps.... I just gave it away, didn't I?

NOTE: Stupid is not aimed at any one individual. Simply a reference to the famous economy quote of Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign. I felt explaining this was appropriate as I haven't been "humorous" on this blog for a while and I remember how some of you get when I get funny.  


  1. When the city's ineptitude gets in our way, we should just sidestep around and take care of things ourselves.

    As long as City Hall is willing to listen, we should speak up, but I'm thinking they need to be shown how it's done.

    How much is a lid? Maybe they should 'magically' appear.

  2. Let's make some noise! I am sick and tired of the trash all over the place. Start collecting fines, start making store fronts more responsible, start doing SOMETHING!


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