Monday, June 14, 2010

Lynn City Hall - Step It Up - This is Getting Ridiculous

The public trash cans in Central Square are literally overflowing with tons of trash. I'm not exaggerating. They are overflowing. The streets are a mess. This is one day after the Clean Sweep to the Sea. One day! This is too much for the residents to do ourselves. We need the help of the D.P.W. We need the street sweepers back and we need the trash cans emptied (I thought you already knew this should be on your todo list).

Crime is back downtown and the criminals are starting to figure out how to avoid the Lynn Police by doing their deeds on MBTA property. I called in a complaint about three kids doing a balancing act on the train wall over Central Square (almost killing themselves). No response from Lynn PD. In the recent rape incident, the Lynn PD claimed they couldn't get involved due to it being MBTA property?? That's great. We allow the MBTA to build a crime infested maze of alleys and garages and we can't do anything about what goes on in there???? Any urban city is going to have it's share of crimes, but I have noticed a difference in the amount of traffic I see from the Lynn Police lately. 

So, how about getting back to your abandoned child, Downtown Lynn. You were doing so well just a few short months ago. We used to have Third Thursdays. We used to have police cars parked out in Central Square on patrol. We used to have clean streets that were swept every night. We used to have barrels that got emptied.  Mayor? DPW? Councilor? Street Sweeper Driver Dude? Is Anyone Out There?


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