Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lynners Know Chili - June 5th - LynnArts

This Lynner loves chili but has no clue how to make it. I remember last year when The Blue Ox had a chili. It was born from them asking their Facebook fans what we wanted on the menu.  I never got a chance to try it, but I heard fantastic things about it. Not surprising. I think Matt O'Neill could make a rock in a bed of moss taste good.  I'm, actually, not even kidding...

You have another chance to get your hands on this chili. While doing so, you'll also be supporting LynnArts.  LynnArts is one of our most important hidden gems in Central Square. They are located on Exchange Street right across from my friends at the Lynn Item.  It is home to one of the finest art galleries on the North Shore, The Little Gallery Under the Stairs. If you haven't yet been, you're missing out.  From June 5th-July 10th TLGUTS will be showing Xiaowei Chen's Four Years' Thinking. From the looks of the image on the site, this is sure to be another fantastic show. There are also several other groups that use LynnArts for art exhibits, concerts, and shows including Mass Theatrica featured on this blog just a few weeks ago.

 But.... I was talking about chili. For those fans of the Capitol Diner (myself included),  you will also have a chance to try Bob Fennell's secret recipe. Perhaps, you are more of a Lewis Street kind of cat, and Christopher's David Shalvoy is more your speed. He makes some mean baked goods and a pretty awesome brunch, so I can imagine he will also be a contender.  Rolly Hayes from Rolly's Tavern in the "other" Square we call Wyoma, will also be treating us to his Cincinnati-style chili.  But wait, there's more!!! What if one of our relative unknowns comes out of the woodwork and defeats these well known culinary masters.  Taso, Dave, Donny, Mary, Diana, Paul, and Raul --- best of luck!

May the best chili, win!

There's info about the event and each chef on the LynnArts Facebook page.

Tickets are $30 prior to event ($27 for all of you LynnArts members) and $35 at the door ($32 for members). They are available online at, or by calling 781.598.5244. Attendees will get to sample 12 kinds of chili as well as all sorts of other goodies. Cash bar.

See you there!


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