Friday, June 25, 2010

Michael Jackson's Songs Are All About Lynn, MA? - Wanna Be Starting Something?

Today is the anniversary of the "King of Pop's" death. May he Rest in Peace.

Tonight is Michael Jackson Tribute concert "The Ultimate Thriller" at Lynn Auditorium in City Hall.  There will definitely be tickets at the door.
As I look through Michael's catalog of music,  it seems he may have spent some time in Lynn. I mean look at these titles.

"Remember the Time" - The days when Lynn was in full flourish. The factories were screaming, Market Street had more going for it then Zimmans and Brother's Deli, Downtown Lynn was the place to be. We're coming back!

"You Are Not Alone" - Michael is obviously talking about the Mayo Group here. While many new owners believed they were the only one's duped, we soon found out that many people had cabinets falling off their walls,  incorrect sprinkler installations, and shotty exterior brick work. 

"Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" - This one is a great commentary on Clancy's wish to clinch the Mayorship with a recount. It didn't work out, so then he continued to harp on City Hall for some money he felt he was owed. Go Away! Just, "Beat It" (OOOHHHH, SNAP!)

 "Thriller" - Referring to City Council meetings. The horror shows that are "public" hearings that have no public involvement. Even when they do, the council ignores every single word coming out of the public's mouth. Someday we will flip this coin. If only we could raise the zombies in the other suburban Wards to come with us in to City Hall and make CHANGE!

"Wanna Be Starting Something" - Well now, this is self-explanatory, ain't it?

Leave an MJ song in the comments with the reason it reminds you of Lynn!!!

See you tonight at City Hall!


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