Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No Alms From Duffy to Lynn, MA Police Department

According to a recent update by the Lynn Item, Councilor-at-Large Duffy has been asked to slow down on handing around the offering plate. I was very happy to see that John Olson was able to talk sense into the public statement of the LACC. I couldn't believe it when initially it looked as if they were in favor of such an idea. We really need to be thinking more pro-business in this town, or we're never going to keep the momentum going. Our Mayor has also been publicly against this money being used for hiring personnel. The LACC, the Mayor and Chief Coppinger seem to be aligned on this. LET IT GO, DUFFY!

Here is the official statement from the Chamber of Commerce, just mailed to their mailing list:

The Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce values its relationship with the police department and recognizes the tough job they face each and every day. And while we recognize the urgent need for funding the municipal budgets in Lynn and across the Commonwealth, we cannot support solicitation of area businesses for funding to support shortfalls in the operating budgets of municipal governments. It is our position that local governments either need to find new ways to enhance the revenue streams that are already at their disposal without adding to the tax burden on residents and local businesses, or cut costs in order to live within their means.

The Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce is willing to consider supporting specific projects or initiatives that could be funded by Public/Private Partnerships and are designed to stimulate the growth of business in Lynn area. These are the types of projects that will create jobs, improve the tax base, and improve the quality of life in our communities. We do believe that the private sector can work with state and local government to find ways, even in these challenging times, to improve the downtown business district, stimulate the development of new businesses, and fully develop the economic opportunities the abundant natural resources available in Lynn and the surrounding communities present.
It will take innovation, vision, and hard work, but we believe that we can, and must, work together to find real and lasting solutions to today's problems.

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