Sunday, June 20, 2010

Prepared for the Public Hearing on the City Budget? Yeah, Neither am I.

So.. there is a proposed budget out in the wild.  They had a 2 and a half hour meeting with the department heads last week. Could follow most of it on video but some people spoke softly and I have no idea how the numbers actually broke down. I was informed by a reader on Friday, that you could actually ask for a copy. The last time I asked for a copy I was told it was too confusing and they wouldn't be sharing it with the public until it was done in July.  So.... on Friday I reached out to City Hall for an electronic copy.... Hello? Anyone there?

Hmmm... City Hall is closed on Friday afternoons. That's ok since they work real late on Tuesdays, but  how to get a copy of the budget?? Without sharing names (for now), I reached out to several people within City Hall and no one had an electronic copy.  Apparently the CFO does (phew!) and that will be forwarded to me on Monday.

I'd rather they forward it to the city website, but I'll take it! After all, what is the point of a public hearing if the public has no idea what we're discussing. No chance at all at an informed debate. With a Mayor that wants transparency and a council who prefers closed doors, it should be interesting to how this all pans out. I really hope the Mayor wins on this one. It will be a win for all of us.  Maybe then, we can actually hold our elected officials accountable. Until then, we'll have to trust that someone actually read the budget and that they're doing the right things for the City of Lynn. I didn't vote for half of them (purposefully), so I'd really like the opportunity to check up on them once in a while.

Onward to Common Cause. We're so close I can taste it!

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