Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saugus Selectmen: I applaud you!!!!!! Rollback is BAD for BUSINESS

According to this recent Globe article, Saugus Board of Selectmen decided 4-0 to not roll-back bar closing to 1AM. What it must be like to have a council in favor of business!!!! Ahhh.... we can all dream, can't we? It's my opinion that bars should never close or if you want to put a time on it, have them close at 4AM. People should leave when they are ready to leave. When they are tired. When they have sobered up a little.  People should not drive drunk EVER... no matter what time it is in the morning.  This is the Lynn Police Department's job, not the City Council or the License Board's job. 

Today we throw everyone out on the street at 1AM. It's pretty scary here around that time. They haven't changed anything. Sometimes, as we're leaving The Blue Ox or Turbine at 1AM, we stand on the street watching the craziness that is Downtown Lynn at 1AM. All it's done is move the problem.

On Tuesday, the Lynn Licensing Board headed up by Richard Coppinger (brother of our Police Chief) will hear proposals from the Lynn Restaurant Association. Richard, for once, open your ears on this topic. You have NOT been listening. Judy Flanagan Kennedy has been listening and she is imploring you all on the License Board to listen as well....And not just to your brother.

Try to hear both sides. 


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