Thursday, June 24, 2010

Turn it up one Moaahhhh!!! - Lynn, MA YMCA Spin Class

The YMCA is full of surprises. When I first joined I couldn't believe what I got for the price. I never got to see Chip Clancy in the Sauna (I try to avoid the locker room, I'd probably get stuffed in a locker PLUS all the men Chip's age insist on standing around naked talking to each other). What is that phenomenon?

Anyway..While I haven't snapped Chip with a towel, I have got to enjoy the full gym, the pool, and yes... The racquetball court. You'd pay big bucks just to be a member of a racquetball place and the Lynn Y gives it to you as part of the membership. Awesome!

This past Tuesday, I took my first spin class. I think Steve Martin, not the comedian, was the instructor. It was so incredible. Great motivation, and really fun for all levels of fitness. I'm very, very out of shape and the class is full of people like me all the way up to the fittest folks in Lynn. Check it out sometime!

The YMCA is located on Neptune Boulevard over by Lynn Tech.

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