Monday, June 14, 2010

Video Blog from Lynn, MA Bloggers

On the 16th, some of the Lynn area bloggers will be meeting up to tape Episode 1 of a "yet to be titled" series about what's going on in Lynn. I'm hopeful this can clue you in to our voice, humor, and of course up the level of the conversation we're all having on the many blogs around Lynn. I expect that each Episode will have a different cast of characters. For the first episode we've confirmed me, Seth from, and Katerina from Heart of Lynn (formerly City of Lynn Concepts). Tom from Lynn-side Edition might be joining us as well, but you may have to wait for Episode 2 to see Tom's smiling face.  We've also invited a new blogger, but I'm not sure if he wants his identity exposed, so I am still waiting to hear on that. :-)

So, what do you want us to discuss on the Episode? We'll tackle the positives like favorite restaurants and events going on as well as the controversial such as our trash problems, crime, development, and politics. Should be fun and can be even more fun if you get involved and help us set the agenda.  If you guys end up liking these, we may do some live so you can be even more involved if you wish.

So, what do you want us to talk about?

Any ideas for the vlog's name? Be nice! ;-)


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