Friday, June 4, 2010

The Willows at Turbine Wine Bar Tonight - June 4th 9:30PM

We've been away for two weeks in Alaska. You guys probably didn't realize as this blog was streaming out the content on auto-pilot. :-) Last night I was finally able to get back to the business of giving Lynn businesses my money. I stopped by Turbine for a while and had a great time talking to neighbors and owner Stephen Hanley. What a treat to try the new soup, potato leek, and Dorothy's sandwich of the day, turkey and brie on French bread. It was out of this world as always.

Tonight I'm heading over to The Blue Ox for dinner and will most likely stop by Turbine to take in some live music after dinner. The Willows will be playing starting at 9:30 PM. Hope some of you can make it out. This is going to be a great weekend for Lynn. I'm very excited for the chili cook off and Lynn Arts Auction tomorrow night.

  See you around Central Square! If you're cool enough to try us out! :-)

Turbine is located at 56 Central Square.


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