Saturday, July 31, 2010

TLGUTs - Work by Men Receives Two Balls Up!

Read Haig's juror statement if you have not done so. He really nailed this show. If you missed the opening today at The Little Gallery Under the Stairs, you have until August 10th to fix this mistake.

Everything in the current exhibit was done by men, a fairly common pattern in galleries, I'm sure. Somehow, the fact that it was the point of this exhibit, made it that much more powerful. From a gallery who is very well known for showing work by prominent female talent in the area and really powerful shows on the theme of Mothers Who Create, it was all the more meaningful to see a show of this theme in this space. I was particularly struck by a carving, by a new resident to Downtown Lynn Chris Barber, of a pair of shoes. A sort of homage to the past and the current creations of Downtown Lynn. Pretty powerful stuff for this Lynner. Sean Lobdell continues to inspire with his wonderful painting of the female form. There were some very interesting wooden sculptures in the exhibit by Andy Moerlein. The picture of one of the sculptures on TLGUTs website does not do it justice. This is something you will have to experience for yourself.

I'm always in awe of what Jocelyn is able to bring in to that building. This show is no exception. The public seems to agree as the place was packed with people from all over Massachusetts. The few people I was able to introduce myself to were not even from Lynn. TLGUTs is a draw, a destination. Congratulations to Jocelyn and The Little Gallery Under the Stairs for a show to be remembered. I hope this show sells well and brings lots more folks in to the LynnArts building over the next month.

Reminder - TLGUTs Opening of Work By Men - TODAY 3-6PM

The Little Gallery Under the Stairs is opening a new show on July 31st with work by male artists entitled "Work by Men".

Daniel Arcand
Chris Barber
Dick Buckley
Crist Filer
Fran Gardino
Basil El Halgway
Sean Lobdell
Andy Moerlein
Brian Murphy
Steve Negron
Peter Pizzi

Saturday, July 31 3-6PM
25 Exchange St, Lynn MA
Go in the front door and go down stairs. The gallery will be on your right once you reach the bottom of the stairs.


The Mayo(naisse) Group and John McGrail - AG Discovery Motions on September 22nd

As a lot of you know, John McGrail and The Mayo Group are responsible for a lot of the development projects in the Central Square area. While initially we were happy with the progress made in the area in such a short time, we quickly realized that was all due to the horrible shortcuts they made in putting together their buildings. We've had several issues in the downtown buildings:

  • Roof leaks (normal, except when you fix them, you are not supposed to use the wrong materials to do so..opps... thus bigger problem later) - INEPT 
  • Faulty sprinkler installations in attic areas causing them to go off in the high temperatures of this summer. - IRRESPONSIBLE 
  • Cabinets falling straight off the walls in several units. This one happened to me once the day before Thanksgiving while I was in the kitchen. They came and fixed those and "checked" the others. The "others" came down on top of my wife about 2 years later. Not even screwed in to a single stud and the screws were barely longer then the wood of the cabinets. - CRIMINAL! 
  • Leaking walls from lack of proper brick maintenance costing a few buildings thousands and thousands of dollars in repairs just a few years after moving in to their units. This has happened with one other developer too. I guess the Mayo spreads.
  • Sound proofing is lacking in several areas where walls are paper thin between units and pipes are not wrapped appropriately.

While we have addressed most of the issues, it's been on our dimes for the most part. Our buildings are great, our developer was not. It makes total sense to me that JM Realty and John McGrail would be indicted someday. That day is now.

The indictment:

A Suffolk County Grand Jury returned indictments against JM Realty and its president and owner John McGrail, age 46, on March 25, 2010. McGrail was charged with violating the Massachusetts Clean Air Act for failure to file notices of asbestos removal with the MassDEP (3 counts), failure to comply with procedures for asbestos emissions control (3 counts), and improper disposal of asbestos waste (2 counts). McGrail was also arraigned on charges of evasion of unemployment insurance (4 counts) and failure to provide pay records (4 counts).

The arraignment:

JM Realty was arraigned on charges of violating the Massachusetts Clean Air Act for failure to file notices of asbestos removal with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) (4 counts), failure to comply with procedures for asbestos emissions control (4 counts), and improper disposal of asbestos waste (3 counts).  JM Realty was also charged with evasion of unemployment insurance (4 counts) and failure to provide pay records (4 counts), and failure to withhold income tax (4 counts).  

Official Press Release on the Indictment and Arraignment of John McGrail and JM Realty owner of Mayo(naisse).

I asked the Attorney General for more information on trial dates. I received this:

The case is scheduled for trial on Feb. 7, 2011. The next court date is September 22, 2010 for discovery motions.  

Not sure if there can be public involvement, but I sure want to be there to cheer the judge on as we all receive a little justice. This company doesn't deserve to be in business anymore.

Past Links on these clowns:
Mayo Group is Incredibly Unresponsive
Tribute to the Mayo Group on YouTube
Will McGrail Go to McJail? 

For some incredible reading on Mayo Group. Check out these Lynn Lofts, the Skinny articles from 2005. 2006.
What Lies Beneath - A story of incorrect pipe insulation
Rear Window - A story of bad window installation, leaking rain into the condo
Hell Has Frozen Over - The Mayo Group actually says they are going to fix something.
As Slow As Mayo - An update in 2006 of all the 2005 problems that still exist.

Come to think of it, after reading all of this, I'm surprised I move here. Surprised, but happy. Even though we have a alleged criminal of a developer to deal with every now and then, moving to Lynn has introduced me to some of the best people I think I will ever meet in my life. I don't regret it and I can't wait to see McGrail's mug shots.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Somethings Going on on the Lynnway - Stay Away from Rt 1A!

Looks like a tow truck somehow rear-ended a car and the front of the tow truck and the car look like they have melted together. Helicopters, Firetrucks, police, ambulances on 1A in Lynn, MA. Avoid 1A at all costs!   Accident on Boston-bound side, but traffic at a standstill in both directions.

The Item has further coverage here and a very scary picture of the wreck itself.

UPDATE 5:45PM - 7 News Coverage - Reporting One Person Dead

Tacos Lupita Was the Friday Lunch Winner! Lupita Restaurant Coming Soon to Munroe Street

I visited Tacos Lupita for lunch today with Lynn Experiment. I got a chicken buritto and he got a veggie burrito. It was amazingly good. Very fresh ingredients and didn't have that processed feel that you get at most Americanized Mexican places. Tacos Lupita is the real deal. No wonder they are doing so well and getting ready to open Restaurant Number 2!

What's even more impressive is that the place is packed! It was packed at 12:30PM when we got there and didn't let up the whole time.  The people at the restaurant told me that Tacos Lupita will stay open when the new place opens down the street. The menu will be a bit different than what they offer at Tacos Lupita.

Since the sign says Lupita Restaurant, I think we can guess that it will be a bit more upscale, sit down with waitstaff kind of a thing. I am assuming there will be more entree style and less quick lunch style menu items.

These are all assumptions though. I was given the number of the owner, who I called, but he was not ready to share many details. I think these poor restaurant owners get worried that they're somehow going to get screwed over with the city permits and hearings if they get vocal about doing anything. I don't blame them, but we can't help from getting excited about a new place.

Hopefully we'll hear more soon. The one thing he did say was that he hoped to be pretty far along and close to opening in a month or so.  Looking forward to it.

Work by Men Opening July 31st from 3-6PM at The Little Gallery Under the Stairs

Don't forget to check out "Work by Men" on Saturday at The Little Gallery Under the Stairs located within the LynnArts building at 25 Exchange Street. Go inside the front door and walk down the stairs in front of you. The gallery is accessible via the rear entrance for wheelchairs, etc.

The gallery is open to art enthusiasts of all levels. I'm an idiot when it comes to art, but gallery owner, Jocelyn Almy-Testa is always open about how it all works and no question is a dumb question. Well, at least she never tells me it's a dumb question.

I personally believe this is going to be a great show, sight unseen. I'm interested to see the eclectic mix of pieces in this show. I'm excited to see the work of local Downtown Lynners both new and old.

Check out the tlguts website and read the juror statement. It's awesome. I couldn't agree more with juror, Haig Demarjain. Jocelyn's got one great kick-ass gallery that you all have to go visit on July 31st. What else has Jocelyn got? You'll have to read the juror statement for the punchline.


A Visit to Raw Art Works Always Leaves One Inspired

I remember the first time I went to their annual BASH. It was insane (in a really good way). The events there are always so well connected to what they do. Their building is no exception to that rule. Even the floors are designed so as to incorporate quotes from the students. Everything in the building has a way of helping the youth of Lynn to express themselves.

I was lucky enough to have some 1:1 time with Rebecca Monen, who has been with Raw Art Works for about a year. She gave me a very impressive tour of the new exhibit which opened in May of 2010, Let's Face It!

Watch the video below and set up your own appointment with Rebecca to get in and see what they are doing. If you have any ideas for how we as a community can work with RAW, please share in the comments. We're going to set up a small brainstorming session with some Downtown residents soon. Be good to have everyone's ideas out there.    There are more photos on our Facebook page!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Don't Cry Over Smelly Methanogens....

I have been trying to get an explanation of what is being done to get rid of the smell on the Lynnway from our City Government. While it does seem like they are on this like inhibitors on methanogens (I'll explain in a second), it seems we're at the mercy of Garelick's engineers.

From the update I received from the City Council, Garelick states, "We have learned from laboratory data that our Methanogens have been inhibited and can not be revived." At first glance this sounded good to me. I hate it when my methanogens are revived and so does my wife!

But, I'm guessing I have no real clue what that means. The fact that the Lynnway smells like my brother's room did, when I was growing up, makes a lot more sense now. Apparently what we are smelling is methane given off by the pre-treatment process at Garelick Farms.

The claim is they will have a by-pass in place by August 6th and a solution to the milk flatulence by mid-August. I'm guessing we have that smell on our hands until the fall.

Until then, City hall will be requiring all Lynnway drivers and their dogs to wear nose plugs. Trained Pitbulls are exempt.


Naughty, Bawdy Broadway strikes again at LynnArts on August 20th.

Mass Theatrica brings you NAUGHTY, BAWDY BROADWAY III!!

Friday, Aug 20 8:00p
at LynnArts 
25 Exchange St, Lynn, MA 
Price: $15, $13 seniors and students
Age Suitability: Teens and up
Back by popular demand! Sample a decadent menu of the seamier PG-13 side of Broadway with tunes from Eric Idle’s Spamalot, Monty Python’s Life of Brian, The Producers, Kismet, Avenue Q, Oklahoma and more!
Featuring Danny Bolton, Thomas René Brennan, Lara Fox, Karen Lennox, Stephanie Mann, Antanas Meilus, Linda Nadeau, Tom Weber and James Hay, piano, this show is sure to bring a smile!

There is plenty of street parking and LynnArts is wheelchair accessible.

Monday, July 26, 2010 Cavity Search - You're Searching..... So I'm Going To Try And Help!

I've been watching some of the search terms that get you to this site and in some cases I am pretty sure you are not getting the information you are looking for, so this will be my attempt to rectify that situation.

In the past month.....

105 of you searched for Downtown Lynn Blog - You found it!

Tons of you looked for pictures of Munroe Street - Take a look at our Exploring Downtown Lynn series... specifically the Munroe Street post. I will try and get some better pictures of this entire street in the future. Culturefest took place on Munroe Street as well. Jamie Marsh and the OECD really fixed up this street with new sidewalks and antique style lighting. If you haven't been down there, check out Fernando's tomorrow for breakfast or lunch.

Several of you searched for Turbine Wine Bar and Fernandos. Turbine Wine Bar is open Tuesday-Saturday from 5:30PM until about 1AM each night. The wine is extraordinary and was recently voted Reader's Choice in North Shore Magazine's Best of the North Shore 2010. If you haven't been to Turbine yet, you're missing out. While Turbine should take your nights, Fernando's must win over your days. Whether it be breakfast or lunch, they have food to die for...literally. 

A lot of you are searching to find out what the commute to Boston is like. My wife and I do it every day, so let me tell you. It's 19 minutes from Lynn Station to Boston's North Station. I sometimes walk from North Station to my work in Kendall Square or I take the T which is another 20 minutes or so.  When we drive, depending on traffic, it's anywhere from 30 minutes (summer) to an hour (when school is in session).

Some of you seem to be interested in the developments regarding the MBTA / MBCR property in Downtown Lynn. The residents really did get angry about a month ago. The MBTA/MBCR responded in a big way.  Today I heard from John Hogan again and it looks like we'll have an estimate for the 12-16 cameras to be installed in Lynn Station in 3 days. After that, we expect 4-8 weeks before MBTA approval and then installation will begin.

There are a lot of searches for things like "Lynn", "Lynn, MA", and "Downtown Lynn." I'm glad you are finding in your search results and I am even more glad you're coming over to chat with us. I wish more of you would speak. We are running at over 3000 visits a month now. Be heard! You'd be surprised who's listening.

All the way down at Number 15 is "All Care VNA."  While people seem to hate me when I talk about this one, it's an important one for the future of the Downtown area.   After seeing the recent plan, I can honestly say that the downtowners that spoke in opposition at the City Council meeting are being listened to. There are a lot of great compromises in the new design.  Most of you searching for this term seem to be from all care domains, so you already know that Shawn Potter has his heart in the right place. He's a great businessman, All Care VNA is an important Lynn business, and I'm now a believer that All Care VNA is going to be a great neighbor to Central Square.

Finally, you all seem to want to know what the hell happened to Horizon's Edge Casino Cruise out of Lynn. Well... I don't know if the aliens got them.. but they are no longer.  I think the only way you can sail out of our Waterfront now is by chartering a deep sea fishing boat and I'm not sure if that even works. Someday, we'll have a waterfront we can use.

That's all for now. If there are any other questions I can answer or content I can lead you to, please drop me a line in the comments.


Noticed a Few More Officers on the Streets in Lynn, Massachusetts?

 I wanted to share this press release with all of you readers. It's huge! Jamie Marsh and the Office of Economic Development is helping the Lynn Police Department execute on an order from our new Mayor, Judith Flanagan Kennedy to figure out what the hell is going on on our streets. This program will get the police on to the streets in the worst neighborhoods at the worst times. Get them talking to the people and collecting data in order to better focus our crime fighting efforts going forward.

Three cheers to the Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy, James Marsh, and Police Chief Kevin Coppinger for making this happen. It's nice to see more men and women in blue on the streets. I've already noticed the increase in foot patrol. It's very comforting.  I can't wait to hear the results.

Oh yeah... and thank you to the Federal Government for footing the bill. As much as I hate being labeled an entitlement community, I sure do love the money for things like this.

FOR RELEASE:     Monday, July 5, 2010
CONTACT:     Chief of Staff Claire Cavanaugh 781-598-4000
        Police Chief Kevin Coppinger 781-595-2000
        CD Director James Marsh 781-586-6770

Kennedy announces new community policing initiative

Monday, July 5, 2010.  (Lynn, MA)  Today Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy, joined by Police Chief Kevin Coppinger and Community Development Director James Marsh, announced the implementation of a new community policing strategy in Downtown Lynn and city neighborhoods.   “I am happy to announce as of 11:00 today, there will be increased police patrols and visibility on our streets and neighborhoods” Kennedy stated.

Specifically, Kennedy’s plans call for walking patrols throughout targeted city neighborhoods, parks and public spaces on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons and nights.  Mayor Kennedy stated, “We want our officers out of the patrol cars interacting with the general public and businesses on a proactive basis.  The goal is to reduce crime by connecting with the community on a personal level, getting to know citizens, making them part of the crime solution.  In addition, we want people to feel safe in their community by knowing officers are patrolling their neighborhoods on a more regular basis.”

Police Chief Kevin Coppinger added that “the most effective way to address problems is through engagement.  These officers will be taking the time to speak with as many people as possible who they encounter on foot patrol.  They will not only engage business owners and residents, but also those involved in anti-social behavior.  We will then take the data we receive from these dally interactions and use it in furthering our crime reduction efforts.”

Marsh commented, “We are happy to play our role in this effort by providing the necessary funding for its implementation.  It will come from the Executive Office of Housing and Urban Development via our Community Development Block Grant, a federally funded program my office oversees.   The good news is that the federal government picks up the tab.  It comes at no cost to the City of Lynn.”

According to the United States Department of Justice, community policing is a philosophy that promotes organizational strategies, which support the systematic use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques to proactively address the immediate conditions that give rise to public safety issues such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime.

TLGUTs Opening - Work By Men - July 31st - 3-6PM

The Little Gallery Under the Stairs is opening a new show on July 31st with work by male artists entitled "Work by Men". I am so excited to see some familiar names of Downtown Lynn residents Chris Barber and Sean Lobdell on the list. Apologies if any others are Downtowners and I just don't know it yet.

Daniel Arcand
Chris Barber
Dick Buckley
Crist Filer
Fran Gardino
Basil El Halgway
Sean Lobdell
Andy Moerlein
Brian Murphy
Steve Negron
Peter Pizzi

If you haven't met Jocelyn or been to TLGUTs, this is your opportunity. Let's show this world class gallery right in the heart of Downtown Lynn that we want quality art galleries here. You don't have to buy anything (although that would be nice), just show up and spread the love!

Saturday, July 31 3-6PM
25 Exchange St, Lynn MA
Go in the front door and go down stairs. The gallery will be on your right once you reach the bottom of the stairs.

Enjoy... and tell her sent ya!


Let's Spend More Money on Residency Investigations! Sound good?

Yet another failed attempt of proving non-residency by the city of Lynn outlined by the Lynn Item today. There may be reasons to get people off the city payroll (as could be the case with this guy), but where someone wants to live, ain't one of them! 

Could we spend more time and money on the impossible to prove, irrelevant investigations into where our city employees choose to live? I think that is a much better use of our time and money then our crime, schools, and economic development, don't you?

Bring on the typical residency commentary. ;-)


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lyle Rudloff is a Difference Maker! - The Blue Ox - Oxford St - Lynn, MA

A lot of people talk about Matt O'Neill (and for good reason, he is the best, and we're so happy to have him on Oxford Street). Some people talk about the owners. The ones we know of, that is. Most have preferred to stay very silent.  The regulars talk about someone else. Someone who makes our time at The Blue Ox go off without a hitch. The someone who has created a completely professional atmosphere within The Blue Ox.  This professionalism and level of service has been lacking in the past two venues which shuttered in this same location.

A few weeks ago, I had a rather large event emergency. The place I had planned to do an event wasn't going to open that night (for good reason, but that didn't help my stress level). I called over to The Blue Ox, which is a very busy place on a Thursday night, and told Lyle of my predicament. I needed space for 20+ with the possibility of it growing even further. He very calmy thought it through, moved some things around, and told us that The Blue Ox would be happy to accomodate us that night.

All 25 people in this group commented on how wonderful the place was. It's like they come to Lynn expecting one thing, and after experiencing The Blue Ox , they go back out onto Oxford Street with a whole new impression of Lynn. The Blue Ox is an example, a trend-setter, an oasis of what will be in Downtown Lynn storefronts in the years to come.  Turbine is the next to join it's ranks. Soon there will be more.

Thank you Lyle for being a root cause of the success of The Blue Ox, for being so accomodating to your regulars and residents Downtown, and for setting the example that we hope many others will replicate going forward.

To The Blue Ox and Lyle Rudloff! Cheers!

Check out the recent writeups on A dining review and a mention in their Food Issue today.

North Shore Magazine has also awarded the Blue Ox as a Reader's Choice for Best of the North Shore 2010!

The Blue Ox, 191 Oxford St., Lynn


What's Your Memory of Lynn Auditorium?

Lots of great things coming up. I hear rumors of Gretchen Wilson, Hall & Oates, and Kenny Rogers. I hope these come true! I think those three have good potential to bring a ton of people downtown.
Sitting with Jamie Marsh in Turbine Wine Bar this weekend, one of the topics became memories of Lynn Auditorium and how everyone has one. Growing up on the North Shore and having tons of relatives in Lynn, we were in Lynn all the time.  My specific Lynn Auditorium memory was going to see the Northshoremen every year for their annual concert. It was a huge barbershop chorus that would sing as a group and then have several groups of four sing to fill out the program.  Jamie said that everyone he talks to has a different memory of Lynn Auditorium. What's yours?


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Comedy Tonight at Tatianas on Market Street

Comedy show Tonight at Tatianas

Someone on twitter reached out to me with this info: starring HBO's Corey Rodrigues featuring Dan Boulger appearances Denae Pachucki, Jamie Camire, Ed Stewart host Robert Silveri.

The Comedy Show is July 24th with an all you can eat buffet for $25

6:30 - 10pm

I won't be able to take this in but let me know how it was if any of you go.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Capitol Theatre is BACK..... Sort of...

RAIN OR SHINE! In the case of Rain we will be inside LynnArts at the Neil Rantoul Vault Theatre. 25 Exchange Street. 8:30PM start time.

Tonight is the outdoor showing of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark right outside of LynnArts on Exchange Street. There is always tons of parking on exchange, Mt Vernon, and there is a parking lot behind LynnArts. It is also very close to our freshly cleaned and better secured MBTA garage.

Movie starts as close to 8:30 as possible. Needs to be dark enough.

We can be brought back to the days where seeing a movie downtown was easy at several local theaters. It is such a shame that not one of them survived the fires. A 300-500 seat venue would be perfect for a downtown in the midst of revival. A lot of the acts that go to Lynn auditorium would be considered sellout successes in a smaller more appropriate venue. So, bring your lawn chairs, tarps, blankets, snacks, etc and come enjoy a movie for the first time in a long Central Square.

There will be many celebrities in the crowd tonight. cellebrity chef, Juan Gonzales from Fernandos is coming with his beautiful family, various guest bloggers (anonymous and otherwise) will be there, Jamie "the creator of all good in Lynn" Marsh will be there, and I'll be there probably helping Jamie Marsh with whatever needs doing. I hear rumors of free popcorn!!

After the movie is over a bunch of us will be heading over to Turbine Wine Bar. Turbine just got the news that they have been awarded Best of the North Shore Reader's Choice for Best Wine List by NorthShore Magazine. You must check out Stephen Hanley's creation, right in the heart of Downtown Lynn at 56 Central Square.

See you all tonight!


Location:Lynn, MA 01901

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Honorable Judith Flanagan Kennedy

On our Mayor's birthday, I thought I would point out some of the good we've seen as a result of her becoming our Mayor. The city is opening up. City budget is now online. She forced a rule of one board per person and even put out a form on the City website to allow people who are interested in joining a city board to express that interest.

She has trimmed a lot of fat on the city budget and has added Community Policing this summer as well as more evening outdoor activities to reduce crime in our worst areas.

She is encouraging debate on residency, she is supporting business in downtown by expressing a willingness to sit down with restaurant owners and discuss alternatives to the rollback (only to be ignored by the license board).

I know there are those out there who think we made a mistake electing her to office. I am not one of those. She has made me very proud of my vote and I hope is part of a greater change in Lynn politics. A change that is happening all across the state and federal levels as well.

Transparency. Communication. Representation. Action.

Happy Birthday Judy.

I'm almost scared of the comments on this one. :-)


Monday, July 19, 2010

They're Talking About Lynn - 2010 - Why move to the Diamond District? - Isn't It Obvious?

---- From RobL ---------------

We're living on the top floor of a triple decker in the Diamond District on Sachem Street. Why Lynn? Affordable rent...ocean breezes(and view) friendly,we have a border collie mix and a "Red Dog" (uncertain lineage, pound rescue).I'm really stoked about our neighborhood, it has a real community feel to it: lots of veggie gardens, people hanging out chatting w/ neighbors, everything close, easy bicycle access. It has the feel of a community in the process of being revitalized. I love the diversity and the plethora of ethnic foods and eateries. Being in walking distance of NSCC is cool too.


So... there you have it. That's why RobL transplanted here.

I'm starting to really latch on to some common themes of people searching for diverse neighborhoods and people looking to be a part of creating something.

Why did you move to Lynn? Or, if you've been here a long time, why do you stay?


Special City Council Session Tuesday July 20th, 2010

Interview Committee, 6:00 P.M., Room 402
Discussion re: Mayor’s Appointment (Daniel E. Gisonno) to Zoning Board of Appeals.

City Council Meeting, 6:30PM, Council Chambers

Petition of Verizon, E. Everett Bryan, for permission to place on Nells Pond Road, from the intersection with Split Rock Road, approximately 275 feet of underground conduit on the Northerly side and approximately 80 feet of underground conduit at two road crossings; thence approximately 1100 feet of underground conduit Easterly and Westerly on Southerly side and approximately 90 feet of underground conduit Northerly to intersection of Crooker Drive for a total of approximately 1545 feet. (Tabled 7/13/10)

Petition of Verizon, E. Everett Bryan, for permission to place on Crooker Drive from jointly owned pole no 182/13 on Westerly side, approximately 100 feet of underground conduit southerly to intersection with Nells Pond Road and for permission to place on Split Rock Road, from intersection with Nells Pond Road, approximately 318 feet of underground conduit Northerly on Easterly side and approximately 80 feet of underground conduit at two road crossings for a total of 398 feet. (Tabled 7/13/10)

Request from Lynn School Department to hang Lynn Public School’s Kindergarten Registration Banners during the month of August.

All Care VNA - They are Listening

I want to extend a great deal of appreciation to Brendan Crighton, Ward 5 Councilor and Shawn Potter, President of All Care VNA for their willingness to listen and come up with a few compromises based on initial feedback in both the neighborhood meeting and City Council session for their special permit.

Shawn Potter gave me a call and let me know that he didn't care who sees the current plans for the All Care development, so I have been able to review them.  There are some great changes in this plan.

1. Old Red Brick is now in the design to match the housing to the right instead of the initial rendering which looked more like an office building. The windows are still a bit office parkish, but I'll take it if we're getting a old-style brick look and feel.

2. The front corner has been changed and looks a whole lot better then that initial wall of glass.

3. I hear they may have plans for the roof, which I'm not sure is going to make it into the final plan. If it does, it would be a huge statement to the public that All Care VNA wants it's neighbors to enjoy the new development. I won't give it away until I know more.

4. There is no fence.

There are still some challenges in the design that must be overcome in order for it to make sense where it is going.

1. The current design still has the set back. BAD! It needs to come to the corner of Broad and Market. It needs to have a building right at Market street (not set back). I know they are looking into this. I guess there is a cost issue with cleanup of the soil. I'm hopeful that if this is something that All Care cannot afford, it can be made a city or state priority to clean it up!

2. The parking overhang - UGLY - It doesn't seem to make much sense. Can we just continue the building down and put the parking spaces behind it or on Broad Street side (or just enclose it like a little garage).

3. Little possibility for retail frontage conversion down the line. At least at first glance. Perhaps this is something that could be done with a little elbow grease in the future. I'm not sure just based on looking at the drawing.

It's starting to fit with the community it is embracing as it's home. It's starting to fit with the ideas of the Market Street Gateway. It's starting to fit with something the residents can stand in front of (or on top of) with signs saying "Welcome to Downtown Lynn."

Now... Let's go the rest of the way and bring that sucker right up to Market Street.


Friday, July 16, 2010

The Item Comes With a Free Picture of Tim Phelan Today! You have to expense the frame to the city though!

If you've ever visited Tim's office, you have probably seen all the pictures of the former Mayors of Lynn. It's actually very cool. I've always thought then when done it would be a fun exhibit for the Lynn Museum.  The Item is slamming him for running up expenses on this pet project in today's front page, above-the-fold story.  

So, what do you think? Are these expenses for the public good?



I received a letter from a coward today. I really hope they identify themselves in the next correspondence so I can ask them some questions.  Without that, this information is irrelevant in my mind.

By the way, anon, you know that we have a daily newspaper? They could probably look into this better than I?  No?

I am not a journalist. I am a blogger. I have opinions. I may even have an opinion on this, if it's true or if it even matters (which I'm not sure it does).  Some people have mistaken me for something other than a blogger, but I have never claimed to be more than that.

I know the Item seems to be afraid of us bloggers, but we're not a replacement for them.  This type of story would be kind of tasty if true.  To them... Not me...

Since you're a reader, I thought I'd say hi.  How about letting me know who you are?


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Inn Crowd Meetup on Homelessness VENUE CHANGE

Due to a power outage at Turbine Wine Bar, The Inn Crowd will now Meetup at The Blue Ox. Please register if you are planning on attending so we can tell The Blue Ox what to expect.  See you there!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Council Notes from Lynn City Council Meeting July 13th, 2010 - Woof Woof!

Last night's City Council Meeting was incredibly awesome. I find it amazing that when dogs are the topic there are 100 people there and more people to speak on both sides of the issue than on any other topic I've ever seen brought before our council in 4 years. I was going to do this post as a video post with a dog muzzle on, but they're sold out. No doubt, this is due to the passage of the ordinance requiring pitbull owners to muzzle their dogs if out in public.

The public hearing started out with hearing from those in favor. Arguments were mostly made due to attacks on themselves or other loved ones by alleged pitbulls. Police chief talked about the 51 attacks in 2009 and spoke in favor of the ordinance. One Lynner said, "To own a pitbull is like owning a machine gun." That's the correct quote, unlike the incorrect quote the Item printed today that said that the person stated that all pitbulls should be machine gunned. Slightly different. She's not a dog killer.

At some point during this, I'm pretty sure Duffy fell asleep. That amused me for a while. I couldn't get a good picture without being obvious. Plus, Phelan was on us like a nun schoolteacher last night. You got out of line at all and a gavel was pointed right in your face. I've never seen his head get that red.

Then the Opposition's turn. All the standard stuff you'd expect to hear. Blame the owner, not the dog. Placing the blame at the wrong end of the leash. Breed Specific legislation is unfair, unjust, etc. Most of the people talked about how they've been bitten by German Shepards. A lot of people talked about how you can't even really define a pitbull. One guy even did an art project with pictures of several different dogs that look like pitbulls and passed that around. It was pretty funny watching the councilors confused faces as they looked at that poster.

It became pretty clear to me at that point, as it did to Lynn-Side Edition author Tom Sheehan, that the council had pretty much already made up their mind. You can always tell when they start figiting. You can see the thought bubbles over their heads pop up... Oh no, the public is overwhelmingly against this idea...but we already agreed beforehand that I get this amendment and he gets that amendment and we all get to approve this ordinance today....... What do we do now?....

So then, it was the council's turn. Part awesome, part comedy hour. Keep in mind it's now about 10:30PM.

The WORST AMENDMENT AWARD of 2010 goes to Crowley by a landslide. His amendment was a copy paste of a firearm type statement and required a CORI check annually. A CORI check. ANNUALLY! To own a DOG!  Needless to say, this was shot down.

The BEST AMENDMENT AWARD of 2010 goes to Dan Cahill.  If this were the Declaration of Independence (and it felt that way at times), he was the Thomas Jefferson of the evening. Come to think of it he even quoted Ben Franklin with "If men were angels, there would be no need for government." He got in an amendment which states that if you get certified training for your dog, the ordinance does not apply to you.  SHEBANG! BOOM! BOOM! POW! Nice work, Dan "The Man" Cahill! 

Cyr, who for some reason refuses to speak in to the microphone (stop being a ...), tried to derail the training amendment by saying it is putting undue burden on owners, but Cahill explained that there is no additional burden, since they don't have to do the training. They will just have to muzzle in that case.  Um, duh?

Then Crowley comes in with the how we gonna know argument "Are we going to have them wear red armbands?"  Really???? Red armbands... that's the imagery you're going to throw out there? At one point, Crowley refers to our loving animal agency as the MSCPA - I think that's some kind of accounting firm for dogs...

In the RUNNER UP AMENDMENT category, Brendan Crighton (who himself is getting really close to a cool nickname on this blog.... All Care VNA site design could seal the deal), put in two biggies. He got the registration fee knocked down from $50 to the normal fees for all other dogs. Totally fair. There is no need to put additional financial obligation on all the good people who pay their fee.  The second amendment got rid of some language which gave the dog officer sole discretion to kill pitbulls if he/she felt like it.  He then got the fine reduced from the unlikely to collect $300 to $50 more inline with mass general laws.

Then Lozzi spoke...Oh my LORD! I don't even really remember what he said. Something about the fact that when a pitbull bites, that's the only dog that can tear the skin..... WHAT???  The audience jumped all over him on that one and Phelan from his mighty podium stuck his gavel high in the air and told us "every one of you have had the opportunity to express your opinion. Councilor Lozzi's opinion will NOT BE SURPRESSED!" It was quite the eloquent edict. It would have worked too, if Lozzi were expressing an opinion and not an outright lie.

Finally, Phelan got the last word, as he does on things like this. He slapped down all the amendments he didn't like and whined about that for a while, then he sited some questionable statistics from a website called Animal People (I'm not joking). Then he gave us a story about a little girl on Christmas in the safety of her own home whose pitbull snapped and attacked her arm.  Since your ordinance has nothing to do with inside your own home, I'm not sure what your story had to do with the debate, but thanks for sharing.

With the amendments, it passed unanimously!  I was neither for nor against this, but I'm really happy that Dan got in The Great Compromise of 2010. 

Other big news from Council is the OECD Block grant and various HUD monies got approved. An 8.5% increase over last year. They are using the extra funds for community policing (one of Mayor Kennedy's campaign promises) and to fund the outdoor movie events that are happening all over Lynn this summer.

Great stuff. As always, don't take my word for it. Watch it for yourself on

That's all for now.


Join the Inn Crowd On July 15th - Turbine Wine Bar - End Homelessness...One Family at a Time

Citizens for Adequate Housing run an emergency family shelter, The Inn Between and a sober living transitional housing shelter, The Inn Transition. I volunteer on their Board of Directors and would love to see readers at our first #meetup at Turbine Wine Bar in Central Square Lynn. We won't be asking for any money. We just want to meet you all, talk about housing, homelessness, and the challenges we face on the North Shore. Together, we can end homelessness... one family at a time. See you at Turbine, Thursday July 15th! Register below! It's free, and we won't use any of the information you enter in eventbrite other then a reminder tomorrow about the event itself.

MBTA/MBCR Visit Lynn, MA - Thank You John Hogan and Lt. Cmd. Lenehan for Coming to Lynn, MA

7/14 8AM UPDATE: Much to some city and state official's dismay, Channel 5 was present for the open meeting with the MBTA. Jorge Quiroga covered the rape in June and was back for more blood. What he saw was a community and MBTA reponse worth celebrating. The press, in it's typical fashion decided to sensationalize the story, but I'm glad it's getting exposure. I just did a walk through of the entire grounds while getting my morning coffee at Fernando's. I saw a NSCC bicycle cop, a person hosing down the stairs and emptying the trash bins, a Lynn Police Officer on foot talking to another citizen, and it all smelled great. We've had 5 rapes in Lynn in the past few months. Time to get noisy folks. PR may have to get worse before it gets better. We have to fix what's broken. We were not seeing these kinds of numbers in 2008. We need a response to this, and we're getting one! Watch the story now on!

------- original post from 7/13 ----

So it appears Jorge Quiroga and News Center 5 is out for blood on MBTA crime. I don't however believe the news story was all bad. We have a big time promise from the MBTA now to install those 16-18 cameras all over that station and garage. I have every reason to believe they are going to deliver on this. John Hogan and Lt. Cmd. Lenehan just seem like no bullshit kind of guys. I hope I'm right on this.

Lt Cmd Lenehan shared some stats with us tonight and we are not the most crime ridden station (as Jorge would have you believe), but the stats are showing a recent spike in crime at the MBTA station. While I feel perfectly safe walking around Downtown Lynn at 1AM in the morning (which Jorge left out of my comments), I wouldn't go anywhere near the garage at that time of day. That can all change. We just have to get the right infrastructure in place to deter the wrong people.

Here is something MAJORLY IMPORTANT to our readers! The Lynn Station, MBTA Garage, and all surrounding areas are completely within Lynn Police Department's jurisdiction. Whoever commented on here to the contrary was wrong. We should call the Lynn Police whenever we have an issue on that property. Period!

I have some video from tonight, but my camera didn't work all that well. I'll try and post it tomorrow night if I have time.

It's been a long Lynn night. After this meeting I went and listened to Lynners talk about pitbulls for nearly 3 hours. It was amazing. If you follow me on twitter, you caught some of the fun. I'll have more on that over the next few days.

For now, I need sleep!

Since Kevin chose wisely not to listen to Lynners talk about pitbulls, he has a much better post on The Lynn Experiment about everything that was discussed tonight.


P.S. I can't believe I am about to say this, but the Item wrote a fantastic article about the meeting. If you were an online subscriber, you could read it at midnight too. I know...I'm a little obsessed with Lynn. I can't help it. My blog address even made it through editorial review. Woo hoo! Phil...You really made me work hard for that ad! I appreciate the price break though. :-)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Daily Item of Lynn (Repeat Edition) - Election Year Coverage

Lest any of you be confused by our wonderful daily paper's front story, I want to fill you in on the details. I'm not sure if The Item means to tell you half the story, repeat word for word articles it printed a month ago, and fill you in on candidates for State Senate for no reason on purpose, or if they actually think it's a good article. I mean, they must... right? They put it on the front page after all.

You can go to if you wish to read the story about the increased security at the MBTA garage. If you read that story, you may think that the MBTA took it upon themselves to set up a meeting today and up the priority levels on security and cleanliness of Lynn Station.

Two points I would like to call out.

1. Timeline

Rape - June 6th
Residents Speak out - July 1st
Residents Get Rep. Walsh involved - July 8th
Powerwashing Occurs - July 9th AM
Watchtower Installed - July 9th PM
Kevin from organizes meeting with MBTA Transit Police - July 10th
Uninformed Lynn Item Article Published - July 13th

2. What does McGee have to do with setting up this particular meeting?

Nothing against McGee at all!  This is about the Item. Your last paragraph confuses me. This was ALL Rep. Steve Walsh and John Hogan of the MBCR. Lynnexperiment or Downtownlynn could have filled you in on all the details for this article. You never called? Phil....naughty, naughty... Your reporters just simply aren't doing their job. I think it's your job to fix that.

Now you have the whole story. Well, some of you do at least. The rest of Lynn will continue to believe the "news." On the positive side, more people now know about the meeting tonight. I hope you are all coming!

MBTA Transit Lt. Cmd and representatives from Lynn PD and NSCC Police will be at Lynn Police Headquarters on Washington Street at 6:30PM Tuesday, July 13th. All are welcome. Please come in the front door and the community room is right on your left.


Monday, July 12, 2010 Gets a CSA - The Attack of the Zuchinni - Week 2 - The Food Project - Lynn, MA

Completely incredible local produce from The Food Project. We are so lucky to have this resource right here on Munroe Street in Lynn, MA. Incredible! Hope you enjoy my little homage to Spaceballs! :-)

Happy eating!


Lynn, Massachusetts - City Council Agenda for July 13th

Committees to Meet Prior to City Council Meeting on Tuesday, July 13th

Public Safety Committee, 7:00 P.M., Room 402
Discussion re:  Constable Appointments and Other Business.

License Committee, 7:15 P.M., Room 402
Discussion re:  Minor Licenses and Other Business.

Ways and Means Committee, 7:45 P.M., Room 408
Discussion re:  Council Orders and Other Business.

Lynn, MA - City Council Meeting - Council Chambers 8PM

Roll Call
Moment of Silence
Pledge of Allegiance

Accept minutes of June 22, 2010.

Public Hearings:

Public Hearing on City’s Five Year Consolidated Plan/Annual Action Plan, including the use of the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s appropriations for the Community Development Block Grant ($2,756,317), Emergency Shelter Grant ($111,328), HOME ($1,084,120) and Housing Opportunities for persons with Aids Programs ($355,028)

Public Hearing relative to a burnt, dilapidated or dangerous building or other structure located at 38 Rockaway Street. (Colucci)

Public Hearing relative to An Ordinance Amending the Ordinance Pertaining to Vicious Dogs and Animal Regulations in the City of Lynn.

Petition of Mexico Taco, Jeffrey Stevens, for permission for to park mobile food truck at 680 Western Avenue, 12 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday – Seasonal; and to visit soccer events at Magnolia Park Sundays Only, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. – Seasonal. (Capano & Lozzi)

Petition of Fiesta Shows, Eugene J. Dean, for permission for a Carnival Fundraiser for 4th of July Fireworks Fund at Lynn Tech Field, July 21-25, 2010, Wed-Sun. (Ford)

Petition of US Stone, Inc., Joan B. Bonia, for permission to add “Retail Use” to existing Special permit granted 2/13/96 for Contractor’s Yard & Storage Facility at 1071 Western Avenue. (Capano)

Petition of Holy Family Church, Rev. Gregory Mercurio, for permission for a Carnival at 26 Bessom Street, August 5-7, 2010. (Cyr)

Petition of Light Tower Fiber LLC (dba) Lightower for permission to install a 2” conduit approximately 10’ between a National Grid Maintenance hole to the basement of 85 Exchange Street. (Crighton)

Petition of Verizon, E. Everette Bryan, for permission to place on Nells Pond Road, from the intersection with Split Rock Road, approximately 275 feet of underground conduit on the Northerly side and approximately 80 feet of underground conduit at two road crossings; thence approximately 1100 feet of underground conduit  Easterly and Westerly on Southerly side and approximately 90 feet of underground conduit northerly to intersection of Crooker Drive for a total of approximately 1545 feet. (Lozzi)

Petition of Verizon, E. Everette Bryan, for permission to place on Crooker Drive from jointly owned pole no 182/13 on Westerly side, approximately 100 feet ofunderground conduit southerly to intersection with Nells Pond Road and for permission to place on Split Rock Road, from intersection with Nells Pond Road, approximately 318 feet of underground conduit Northerly on Easterly side and approximately 80 feet of underground conduit at two road crossings for a total of 398 feet. (Lozzi)

Public Hearings to be Set Down:

Petition of Wendy’s, Paul Kudarauskas, for permission for a sign permit at 116 Boston Street. (Crighton)

Home Rule Petition – LeBlanc

Committee Reports:

Public Safety Committee
License Committee
Ways and Means Committee

MBTA Lt. Cmd. to Meet with Lynn Residents to discuss Commuter Rail Safety - July 13th 6:30PM Lynn PD Community Room

In the latest on the MBTA MBCR clean-up / crime crackdown, Kevin Sampson has got us a meeting with the Lt. Cmd. in charge of the transit police that patrols Lynn Station. We had a report of seeing an officer on patrol one night during the evening commute last night. It made people feel safe, feel good about where they live, feel happy to be home. We need more of that. Come tell Lieutenant Commander Robert Lenehan that yourself!

Tuesday, July 13th 6:30PM - We'll be done in time to head over to City Hall for City Council session (for those who care).
Location: Lynn Police Headquarters - Washington Street - Community Room - Walk in the front door and it's on your left

They're Talking About Lynn - 2010 - We Can All Learn Something from a Newbie!

The individual moved here exactly 7 days ago and asked to remain anonymous for this post. There is a lot of great stuff in what anon was willing to share with If we are truthfully ever going to get our number from the 200s to the 500s, we need to listen! So, read the post, and then leave a comment. What did you learn?

-------- Guest Post from Anon DTLer -----------

Week one in this place

Howdy folks. I’m new to these parts, and this morning Corey invited me to take a stab at a guest post giving some first impressions of Lynn. It was such a welcoming gesture that I'll try not to wonder why anyone would read it. Between the heat wave and all of the stuff that needs doing, I’ve stuck pretty close to home for the week off before starting work. So I reckon the best I can do is natter on a bit about downtown. Still, it’s an outsider’s perspective, and that could potentially be handy/sobering/comically dumb, so why not.

I moved here from Los Angeles seven days ago, and as you know, LA is stupid big. So it's a transition in several ways, and it isn't even winter yet. The five or six Lynners with whom I’ve chatted face-to-face so far (one was actually a Revere Beacher) have all blurted out the same follow-up after inquiring into my origins. “Why’d you move to Lynn?” (their emphasis) I'll try to answer that below.

A big impression given by downtown Lynn is, in a word, closed. Everything, all the time shut - or so it looked at first. I did fly in on the 4th of July, so there’s that. But several restaurants, bars and shops seem to have unique hours of operation. Several also don’t post their hours on the windows, so I guess I’ll make a chart for those and gradually fill it in with empirical data. It seems odd that the farmer's market isn't held on Sundays. I've never seen one on Thursdays before, and that counts me out.

I wonder what needs to come first - the people on the streets, or the draw? More businesses and better hours will attract more people to Lynn, visitors and new residents alike. But do the people need to already be here in droves for new places to open and survive? I’m no student of business, so I don’t envy anyone with a new storefront, a broom and a song in their heart for the decisions they might face here. But then again, there’s no small number of lofts/condos downtown that are full of residents, plus all of the split houses and whatnot a little farther out. Open up, and they'll come out? I don't know. All I know is I can't grab me some pho if it ain't open.

Turbine, thank you for being there. I’ll return the favor by drinking your wine.

Little Gallery Under the Stairs, it's great to find a serious gallery here. Not so much in terms of the physical space – It’s tiny, with a low ceiling, limiting what you can show. But TLGUTS is checked in. If the Xiaowei Chen show is any indication of what to expect in the future, I think your calendar would do well in any major city. It’ll make me that much less homesick for the bright lights of elsewhere.

Bloggers, I’m reading all of your stuff (I think), and I already appreciate what you’re doing. Not just online, but mainly in your local activism. From getting your hands dirty with downtown issues to standing up in defense of wetlands that no one has any damn business threatening, it’s all important and inspiring. It makes me want to cause some trouble too.

I just realized that these comments are from living here a week. I should get around to my actual first impression, which resulted in a move to the City of Sin instead of Boston where the job is.

For starters, I was simply in the mood for an affordable factory loft. And I guess you have no shortage of those here. Pretty silly, but there it is.

Once I parked downtown and got out, I was charmed. I mean look at this architecture. It's easy to tune stuff like that out after a long while, but I'm telling you, it's an intensely handsome city. It would be a crime for any more of these old buildings get knocked down to build something new. Any new building that goes up should rhyme thoughtfully with your architectural history. I think All Care VNA ought to take a serious look at Heart of Lynn’s collaborative proposal for the Market Street site next to the parking garage.

My first restaurant sighting was Capitol Diner, and it put a grin on my face. And, I'll admit, it was open for business. I promptly ate some of their food and handed them some of my money.

I actually thought downtown looked kind of clean relative to where I lived. I remember thinking that. I know there's a real issue with trash here, especially in the winter. That was just my impression coming from a dirty, dirty place.

You had a train stop. Despite the big ugly garage, that's a good thing. I'm looking forward to commuting on it come Monday morning.

Lynn seemed cosmopolitan for a place this size. That reinforced that it’s a proper town, and not some distant suburb of Boston. A higher number of cultural influences is more squashed together in a smaller space here than we'd be in a metropolis. It complicates and enriches the overall local culture, and makes for some good variety of food just a short walk away.

Then there was the beach, and that crazy ribbon of the Lynn Shore Reserve. What a nice place to wheeze painfully for breath as I take up exercise again.

And that's just a bit of it. I haven't even seen the rest of town yet, or outlying areas. I'm picturing parks, old shacks, wild meadows, lakes... Do you have farmers selling boiled peanuts on the side of the road up here, or is that just a southern thing? I can’t wait to run around in Lynn Woods, and start exploring the big cluster of forest reserves to the north.

Speaking of woods and boiled peanuts, I suppose it didn’t hurt when choosing Lynn that I was raised in a swampy little Florida city about this size. Not relevant to anything going on here, but it was a factor.

So after signing a lease, I started doing a little research. I know – one should do that before signing anything, but whatever. I had a lot on my mind. I see that the city has been through some tough times, and is having some growing pains. But at least it sounds like it's growing. I’m a sucker for an underdog, and Lynn’s apparent reputation in this region just makes me want to root for it. Yeah, it’s scarred, lonesome, odd and sort of sleepy; but aren't we all. And it’s also beautiful. What’s not to love?

Who knows what I’ll think when my lease runs out, but I’m not worried. If I make a few friends along the way, that could seal the deal for a good long time.


Thank you Anon for sharing this with Sorry, no boiled peanuts out on the roads of Lynn, MA. At least, not that I've found...  Love the final points on underdog and rooting for something. Many of us are here for the creation of it all. Thanks for joining us.

Welcome to Lynn...The City Of Sin (you'll get yelled at for calling it this from some of the old timers... don't let it bother you, we embrace it!)


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Please Won't You Be My Neighbor - Turbine Wine Bar - 56 Central Square Lynn, MA

Excellent review from Lynn Lofts, The Skinny on Turbine Wine Bar. If you haven't been there recently, it's time to rediscover. With live music on most Saturdays, great conversation and service every other day. You can't go wrong at Turbine.

On July 17th @ 9:30PM, Turbine Wine Bar welcomes back The Swamptown Ramblers!

Turbine Wine Bar
56 Central Square
Lynn, MA

MBTA Transit Police to Meet with Residents of Lynn - Lieutenant Commander Robert Lenehan - July 13th 6:30PM

In the latest on the MBTA MBCR clean-up / crime crackdown, Kevin Sampson has got us a meeting with the Lt. Cmd. in charge of the transit police that patrols Lynn Station. We had a report of seeing an officer on patrol one night during the evening commute last night. It made people feel safe, feel good about where they live, feel happy to be home. We need more of that. Come tell Lieutenant Commander Robert Lenehan that yourself!

Tuesday, July 13th prior to the City Council session at 6:30PM
Location: Lynn Police Headquarters - Washington Street - Community Room - Walk in the front door and it's on your left

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lynn Station Gets Another De-Urinization

Very happy to see the cleaners out there again (and on the weekend!!). They were able to unlock the front door and clean out the bottom portion of that stairwell. I think that needed an extreme powerwash to get rid of the remaining urine smells. Hopefully with this powerwash and the more consistent cleaning schedule they are implementing, we are all going to have a much better smelling start to our days! Thanks to Rep. Steve Walsh again and much thanks to John Hogan of the MBCR for an amazing response. He had no idea how neglecteful his contractors were at this location. With continued pressure from the citizens Downtown he will help us to keep this place clean for us and for visitors to he new LYNN, MA.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fernando's is Pure Food Artistry

He's done it again. Just when I think I've learned everything about Juan's culinary mastery, he pulls something else out of his hat.

I would have honestly thought I got takeout from a Jewish deli in the heart of New York City when I bit into the New Yorker!! Corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, freshly cut tomatoes, on dark rye!

Oh my lord. Take a look at this beautiful piece of art.

28 munroe street
Lynn, ma 01901

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A Covered Trash Bin Has Been Spotted in Central Square Lynn, MA

UPDATE - Just got off the phone with Commissioner Fink. The 3 compactors were a result of a grant received in the winter of 2009-2010. The reason for the delay in installation was simply manpower. The DPW is stretched very thin so the real focus is on containment of trash and diligence of residents to report when others are using public bins for personal trash (like full trash bags), and call the police and report plate numbers when you see people throw crap out their windows.  He's getting back to me on where the other two are going. One will be placed in front of City Hall, ours is in front of Dunkin Donuts and I'm waiting on the third location. He also expressed appreciation to our Ward 5 Councilor, Brendan Crighton, for his persistance and dedication to getting Central Square and Downtown Lynn cleaned up over the past few months.

We must be on the nice list or something. The downtown has finally been re-added to the priority list. Glad that a few months ago was just some sort of election year turnover nonsense and we're back on to real improvements for the Downtown.  I just finished the walk through with Manny Muchado from the MBCR. What a great guy? The MBCR response has been amazing. We now have all the issues with the garage and platform well documented in Manny's camera. Hopefully now we can put the action plan in place to start really improving the safety, cleanliness, and upkeep of this place.

Now, on to even more exciting news. We've been fighting for covered trash bins for months now. Out in front of Dunkin Donuts has been the major issue of overflowing trash which then would blow all over Central Square. Right outside Dunkin there is now a solar powered trash compactor. Now it's up to us to actually use it. And.... we still have to fight for covers for the rest of the barrels.  But this is a huge first step towards keeping Central Square clean. The guys installing the bin told me that dog poop should NOT go in these as it will begin to smell since they are not emptied as often (compactors). So, dog owners of 7 Central... continue to use the barrell near our front door for the doggie presents.

Three cheers for the DPW and whoever made this happen! I never got a real response from anyone on this so I'm not sure who's responsible?  I know the Brendan Crighton - Ward 5 Councilor, Claire Cavanugh - Mayor's Chief of Staff both applied pressure, but the real credit has to go to the man who's department got it done. Thank you to D.P.W. Commissioner, Jay Fink.

Now where are our lids for the other barrels? Where did the two other compactors go on that truck? I have these questions in more for Fink as soon as he calls me back. Update to follow!


I'm a Card Carrying Member - LynnArts - Exchange Street - Lynn, MA 01901 -

So I'm going to be honest... I know.... shocker!

I love LynnArts! I love the idea of LynnArts! I love what LynnArts is supposed to be! I love what LynnArts will be!

So... I joined LynnArts! After I joined LynnArts, they sent me this...

After they sent me that, I sent Susan my thoughts on what LynnArts needs to be. She asked us to do so at the last DTLna meeting that LynnArts was nice enough to host for us. Here is my feedback. What do you want LynnArts to be?

1. OPEN - Open until 7 on Thursday doesn't cut it. We just got home from work! I think we need to figure out a Saturday (which is publicized) or more special weeknight events that involve the new potential for art buying downtown.

2. OUT THERE - In the past few weeks, I've seen more activity out of LynnArts Facebook, Twitter, and newsletters then I have in my four year history here. So what's new? Whatever it is, you need more of it. It would help if there was actually something to publicize. I think the only thing going on over there is the kids camp right now, but I am looking forward to the fall.

3. TLGUTS - Maybe the BEST thing they have going over there. Someone who is deeply involved in the community, cares about quality, and is drawing people in to that building (from the basement) in a more effective way then anything I've ever seen in there. So, why not feature the gallery that is the entire reason that building even exists right now? It's a struggle to even find a mention of it on the website.

4. EDUCATION - Art buying, art quality, art in general, art history - I'll speak for myself here. I love art, but I know little about it. I have no idea how to buy it and worse, I have no idea if what I'm buying is quality art. It might appeal to my eye, but is it done well? Is it worth the price tag?

 It is a great resource. It's understaffed, but what Art's org isn't. Most places like that in other towns have very little staff and a TON of volunteers. If the demand is there, the people will turn up, even if it's mostly volunteer based.

That's where I'm at.... I would be very interested in hearing from all of you readers. What is it you want from LynnArts?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

You'll Stay Up Till This Dump Shines Like the Top of the Chrysler Building - MBTA MBCR Lynn Central Square Commuter Rail Platform

Sorry for the Annie reference. I couldn't help it. 

Someone quick...take a picture of the power washing going on as we speak on the MBTA platform.

Cleaning schedule increased from 3 days to 5 days (while a lie that it was 3 days, at least in the offending stairwell, it's a promise and we will get mad if tomorrow is more of the same).

Police patrol should be happening from 5-10PM - while not good enough (and not true), at least we now know what should be happening. I've never seen a patrol there once.  Looking forward to shaking the guys hand next time I come home from Boston.

Member of MBCR staff coming to Lynn tomorrow for a walk through.

Thanks to everyone who got vocal today. We now know what John Hogan thinks is happening at his station. Time to let him know what is REALLY going on so he can hire the jerks that are NOT doing their JOBS!


P.S. Give Steve "The Wonderful" Walsh a big kiss the next time you see him. And your vote, the next time he needs it! He loves Lynn and we're going to continue to make that visible.

UPDATE at 5:18PM - 

Washed the backstairs and back platform area which look and smell great

They have to wash the front section with buckets of hot water, disinfectant, brooms, etc.  Looks okay but they need a key to access the locked water source at front so that they can properly pressure wash platform again, and pressure wash the benches, signage, elevator walls, etc. They’ll be back to finish all pressure washing as soon as they get a key.  Within a week at most.

Pits are schedule to be done Tuesday, 13th.  (I'm not sure what a pit is)
Within the next week they will have the station looking great.   Rusted barrels are being replaced tomorrow, graffiti removal today, ripped schedule replaced on platform & missing schedule replaced in lobby case.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Monday, Tuesday Pukey Days... Wednesday, Thursday Pukey Days! - MBTA Central Square Lynn, MA - Pick Up Your Puke, Please?

It's been a week now since my last post on the MBTA station in Central Square Lynn, MA.  On July 4th, someone decided to puke right at the top of the stairwell on the Union Street side.

You know the stairwell....

The one that always smells like urine in the morning on the way to work.....

Yeah.... that one!

Get this! Now you get to take in the smells of urine on your way up the stairs and be greeted at the top by a puddle of puke that is slowly baking in the summer sun.  A neighbor of mine has texted me a picture of this puke every morning. It's such a delight to open my phone and see the pictures below. MBTA! MBCR! Whoever is supposed to clean this up? Clean it up!!! And let's get a regular cleaning schedule on that urine infested stairwell. While we're at it, how about a gate to secure the platform at night?

Day 1 - July 5th, 2010 - The puke has maintained it's fervent color. It's odor subtle, but present.

Day 2 - July 6th, 2010 - The puddle has reduced in size, left are mostly chunks and a stain of the former liquid which has now evaporated. The smell seems to be gone as well. Hard to tell over the urine smells coming from a few stairs down below.

Day 3 - July 7th, 2010 - The heatwave seems to be preserving the puke in it's current state. Kind of looks like a turkey or a pigeon. Most people play these games with clouds. In Lynn, we like to play them with the puke and urine stains on the MBTA commuter rail platforms.  

I can't wait to see it tomorrow. No doubt I will, as they don't EVER seem to clean the platform. This is the second time we've watched puke dry up in the summer sun this year. Never saw the wrath of a hose and some soapy water. Ridiculous!  Remember, this is a symptom of a larger problem with the entire MBTA/MBCR property in Downtown Lynn. Read the first post.


Outdoor Movie in Central Square - Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark - July 23rd 8:30PM

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
July 23rd 8:30PM
25 Exchange Street - LynnArts - Outside on the Farmers Market lot.
Bring a blanket or a lawn chair.
Hang out with your neighbors on a great summer night in Downtown Lynn!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 2010 - Real Estate Market of Lynn, MA - Downtown Lynn and The Diamond District

In installment two, Soraya takes us on a deep dive in to the real estate realities of Downtown Lynn and The Diamond District. Leave your questions in the comments or give her a call to discuss your real estate needs. Her contact info is at the bottom of the post. It's the perfect time to buy Lynn!

------- Guest Post - Soraya E. Cacici - RE/MAX Heritage, LLC --------

Hi everyone! It’s me again! I hope that you all had a happy and safe 4th of July.

I’m back to report some up to date information on our local real estate market here in Lynn. Last month I reported some general data for all of Lynn, but this month I’m getting into much more detail and focusing on Downtown Lynn and the Diamond District (which are really my areas of focus in Lynn anyway).

For those sellers who are getting excited about a recuperating market in Lynn, this is a clear indicator that our urban and shoreline real estate recovery will happen slowly, with some back and forward steps along the way.

Here we go …

I live in downtown Lynn and couldn’t be happier. I really wish that we could host the skeptics in our loft for 1 week and show them what a great urban lifestyle we live - at a fraction of the cost. I’d take the skeptics to our garden on Munroe Street and we’d harvest vegetables, we would walk to the Blue Ox for dinner and then finish the night with a glass of wine at Turbine, we would have a blast combing through steals at Salvation Army, we would take a very quick train ride into Boston… or maybe Rockport, we would walk to the beach with my camera and grab an ice cream, and most importantly, we would introduce them to all of our fabulous friends and neighbors. Oh well, for now I’ll just entice them with some real estate information. Skeptic or not, I’m telling you that there are deals to be had where quality of life can be maximized (yes, here in Lynn).

There are currently 7 Downtown Lynn condos for sale, 6 of which are loft style units:

Highest Priced: $279,900.00 - Sloan Machinery Lofts, 589 Essex Street, Unit 402. This 1,229 square foot 2 bedroom/1 bath top floor corner unit loft comes with 1 deeded garaged parking space. Current Days on Market – 84.

Lowest Priced: $113,000.00 - The Commons, 50 South Common Street, Unit 105. This 850 square foot 1 bedroom/1 bath garden style condo comes with 1 assigned parking space. Current Days of Market – 45.

Currently Under Contract: 0

Closed Sales in the Last 30 Days: 1

70 Exchange Street, Unit 203. Bank owned foreclosure. 1,145 square foot 1 bedroom/1 bath loft style condo, listed for $170,000.00 and sold for $143,000.00 on June 18th. What a deal… especially considering that this loft was purchased for $224,000.00 back in May of 2004. Remember, there are foreclosures everywhere so please don’t hold this amazing deal against Lynn. Total Days on Market – 282.

There’s nothing like summertime in the Diamond District of Lynn! Where else can you get this close to the ocean for these prices? There are some amazing properties available on the ocean, or just a couple of blocks back from the ocean. Here are more specifics:

DD Single Family Homes - Currently For Sale: 4

Highest priced: $739,900.00 – 8 Prescott Road. This impressive 5,224 square foot 8 bedroom/4 full bath/2 half bath home contains 5 fireplaces and is literally steps to the ocean. This property started out at $999,000.00 way back in July of 2006 and has received many price reductions since. Current Days on Market – 1,429. That figure is not a typo. Yikes!

Lowest priced: $325,000.00 – 40 Bassett Street. This 1,800 square foot 3 bedroom/2 bath home is located 2 blocks from the ocean. Current Days on Market – 47.

DD Single Family Homes - Properties Currently Under Contract: 2
(Actual sale prices cannot be revealed until closed and recorded.)

• 17 Prescott Road (on the corner of Lynn Shore Drive). This 4,337 square foot 16 room/5 bedrooms/3.2 bath home was formerly owned by F. Lee Bailey (high-profile attorney to many big names), and offers direct ocean views! It was on the market for $945,000.00 and was under contract after 231 days. The property was first listed for $1,175,000.00 back in October of 2009 and has had several price reductions since. It is scheduled to close on July 14th.

• 11 Deer Cove Street. This 2,730 square foot 3 bedroom/2.5 bath home is located 2 blocks from the ocean. This property was listed for $379,000.00 in March of 2010 and was under contract after 105 days. It is scheduled to close on July 20th.

DD Single Family Homes – Closed Sales in the Last 30 Days: 1

• 12 Spinney Path. This 1,632 square foot 3 bedroom/2 bath home offers ocean views and is located just 1 block from the ocean! This property was listed for $329,000.00 in November of 2009 and sold for $282,000.00 on June 7, 2010. Total Days on Market – 121.

DD Condos – Currently For Sale: 18

Highest Priced: $315,000.00 - 16 Pierce Road, Unit 1. This 1,600 square foot 2 bedroom/1 bath condo is located less than 1 block from the ocean and offers up some tempting ocean views. Current Days on Market – 21.

Lowest Priced: $89,900.00 – 30 Ocean Street, Unit 4. Bank owned foreclosure. 963 square foot 2 bedroom/1 bath condo located 1 block from the ocean. This is another prime example of a great deal on a distressed property sale … this condo was purchased for $180,000.00 back in January of 2006 and is now selling at a 50% discount. Current Days on Market – 35.

DD Condos - Properties Currently Under Contract: 2
(Actual sale prices cannot be revealed until closed and recorded.)

• 45 Tudor Street, Unit 7. This 496 square foot 1 bedroom/1 bath top floor condo is located just 1 block from the ocean. This property was listed for $64,900.00 on April 2, 2010 and was under contract after 95 days. There is no scheduled closing date reported at this time, but I’ll keep my eyes on it. From what I can tell this property was purchased for $55,000.00 in February of 2010. The last recorded sale before that was for $123,000.00 in April of 2006. Looks like this was probably purchased as a short sale and is now being flipped for a very small profit.

• 113 Nahant Street, Unit 5. This 690 square foot 2 bedroom/2 bath condo is located just 1 block from the ocean and is being sold as a short sale. It was listed for $99,900.00 on June 2nd and was under contract after only 17 days. It is scheduled to close on July 30th, though short sales sometimes take much longer than anticipated to close.

DD Condos – Closed Sales in the Last 30 Days: 2

• 300 Lynn Shore Drive, Unit 302. This 1,010 square foot 2 bedroom/2 bath oceanfront condo with spectacular views was listed for $198,750.00 on April 19, 2010 and sold for $180,00.00 on June 15, 2010. Total Days on Market – 14.

• 295 Lynn Shore Drive, Unit 106. This 975 square foot 1 bedroom/1 bath front facing condo was listed for $209,900.00 on April 26, 2009 and sold for $160,000.00 on June 24, 2010. This unit also boasted ocean views. Total Days on Market – 261.

That’s a wrap for now, but I’m always available to fill in any blanks. Keep in mind that condos are historically the slowest to recover (not just in Lynn), whereas single-family homes tend to show the first signs of improvement. I can confirm that both of those generalizations ring true for us here in Lynn.

Simply call, text or email me anytime with questions! I also have lots of data on multi-family and investment properties too! I’d be happy to share that information upon request.

Enjoy the month of July everyone!

Soraya E. Cacici, Realtor
RE/MAX Heritage, LLC
Cell/Text: (781) 572-8725

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