Friday, July 2, 2010

3rd of July is Lynn's Independence Day!!!

I moved into the Downtown area on July 1st of 2006. I was the second person to actually move in to the building. On July 3rd, I was up on the roof of my building watching the crazy neighbors with their fireworks when I ran into the only other person who lived in the building at the time. Yes, we met on the roof. :-)

There's something really funny about this time of year in Lynn. Lynners have no fear of illegal fireworks. They'll start lighting them off in random parking lots, backyards, and some probably light em off in their homes just to see what happens. While completely unsafe, it's amusing to watch from our windows. We're lucky in that we have one of the units that can look out towards Central Square and the ocean as well as down Union and up towards the Highlands. Everywhere you look there is quite the backyard fireworks display going on.

Have a Happy and Safe July 3rd Everyone. Take in the World Folk Festival sometime from 2-7PM at Heritage State Park, head over to Red Rock on Lynn Beach for more music between 7 and 9 and watch the great Lynn fireworks at 9PM from the Beach, the MBTA garage or your favorite Downtown Roof. We're usually lucky enough to catch a few over the Item building. How fitting that the Item would block my view of something beautiful! hmmmm....

Happy 4th Everyone!


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