Friday, July 23, 2010

The Capitol Theatre is BACK..... Sort of...

RAIN OR SHINE! In the case of Rain we will be inside LynnArts at the Neil Rantoul Vault Theatre. 25 Exchange Street. 8:30PM start time.

Tonight is the outdoor showing of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark right outside of LynnArts on Exchange Street. There is always tons of parking on exchange, Mt Vernon, and there is a parking lot behind LynnArts. It is also very close to our freshly cleaned and better secured MBTA garage.

Movie starts as close to 8:30 as possible. Needs to be dark enough.

We can be brought back to the days where seeing a movie downtown was easy at several local theaters. It is such a shame that not one of them survived the fires. A 300-500 seat venue would be perfect for a downtown in the midst of revival. A lot of the acts that go to Lynn auditorium would be considered sellout successes in a smaller more appropriate venue. So, bring your lawn chairs, tarps, blankets, snacks, etc and come enjoy a movie for the first time in a long Central Square.

There will be many celebrities in the crowd tonight. cellebrity chef, Juan Gonzales from Fernandos is coming with his beautiful family, various guest bloggers (anonymous and otherwise) will be there, Jamie "the creator of all good in Lynn" Marsh will be there, and I'll be there probably helping Jamie Marsh with whatever needs doing. I hear rumors of free popcorn!!

After the movie is over a bunch of us will be heading over to Turbine Wine Bar. Turbine just got the news that they have been awarded Best of the North Shore Reader's Choice for Best Wine List by NorthShore Magazine. You must check out Stephen Hanley's creation, right in the heart of Downtown Lynn at 56 Central Square.

See you all tonight!


Location:Lynn, MA 01901

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