Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Daily Item of Lynn (Repeat Edition) - Election Year Coverage

Lest any of you be confused by our wonderful daily paper's front story, I want to fill you in on the details. I'm not sure if The Item means to tell you half the story, repeat word for word articles it printed a month ago, and fill you in on candidates for State Senate for no reason on purpose, or if they actually think it's a good article. I mean, they must... right? They put it on the front page after all.

You can go to if you wish to read the story about the increased security at the MBTA garage. If you read that story, you may think that the MBTA took it upon themselves to set up a meeting today and up the priority levels on security and cleanliness of Lynn Station.

Two points I would like to call out.

1. Timeline

Rape - June 6th
Residents Speak out - July 1st
Residents Get Rep. Walsh involved - July 8th
Powerwashing Occurs - July 9th AM
Watchtower Installed - July 9th PM
Kevin from organizes meeting with MBTA Transit Police - July 10th
Uninformed Lynn Item Article Published - July 13th

2. What does McGee have to do with setting up this particular meeting?

Nothing against McGee at all!  This is about the Item. Your last paragraph confuses me. This was ALL Rep. Steve Walsh and John Hogan of the MBCR. Lynnexperiment or Downtownlynn could have filled you in on all the details for this article. You never called? Phil....naughty, naughty... Your reporters just simply aren't doing their job. I think it's your job to fix that.

Now you have the whole story. Well, some of you do at least. The rest of Lynn will continue to believe the "news." On the positive side, more people now know about the meeting tonight. I hope you are all coming!

MBTA Transit Lt. Cmd and representatives from Lynn PD and NSCC Police will be at Lynn Police Headquarters on Washington Street at 6:30PM Tuesday, July 13th. All are welcome. Please come in the front door and the community room is right on your left.


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