Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Don't Cry Over Smelly Methanogens....

I have been trying to get an explanation of what is being done to get rid of the smell on the Lynnway from our City Government. While it does seem like they are on this like inhibitors on methanogens (I'll explain in a second), it seems we're at the mercy of Garelick's engineers.

From the update I received from the City Council, Garelick states, "We have learned from laboratory data that our Methanogens have been inhibited and can not be revived." At first glance this sounded good to me. I hate it when my methanogens are revived and so does my wife!

But, I'm guessing I have no real clue what that means. The fact that the Lynnway smells like my brother's room did, when I was growing up, makes a lot more sense now. Apparently what we are smelling is methane given off by the pre-treatment process at Garelick Farms.

The claim is they will have a by-pass in place by August 6th and a solution to the milk flatulence by mid-August. I'm guessing we have that smell on our hands until the fall.

Until then, City hall will be requiring all Lynnway drivers and their dogs to wear nose plugs. Trained Pitbulls are exempt.



  1. This is awesome. Might even be the subject of a future post on this topic. Thanks Rob! :-)

  2. methane is odorless...


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