Monday, July 26, 2010 Cavity Search - You're Searching..... So I'm Going To Try And Help!

I've been watching some of the search terms that get you to this site and in some cases I am pretty sure you are not getting the information you are looking for, so this will be my attempt to rectify that situation.

In the past month.....

105 of you searched for Downtown Lynn Blog - You found it!

Tons of you looked for pictures of Munroe Street - Take a look at our Exploring Downtown Lynn series... specifically the Munroe Street post. I will try and get some better pictures of this entire street in the future. Culturefest took place on Munroe Street as well. Jamie Marsh and the OECD really fixed up this street with new sidewalks and antique style lighting. If you haven't been down there, check out Fernando's tomorrow for breakfast or lunch.

Several of you searched for Turbine Wine Bar and Fernandos. Turbine Wine Bar is open Tuesday-Saturday from 5:30PM until about 1AM each night. The wine is extraordinary and was recently voted Reader's Choice in North Shore Magazine's Best of the North Shore 2010. If you haven't been to Turbine yet, you're missing out. While Turbine should take your nights, Fernando's must win over your days. Whether it be breakfast or lunch, they have food to die for...literally. 

A lot of you are searching to find out what the commute to Boston is like. My wife and I do it every day, so let me tell you. It's 19 minutes from Lynn Station to Boston's North Station. I sometimes walk from North Station to my work in Kendall Square or I take the T which is another 20 minutes or so.  When we drive, depending on traffic, it's anywhere from 30 minutes (summer) to an hour (when school is in session).

Some of you seem to be interested in the developments regarding the MBTA / MBCR property in Downtown Lynn. The residents really did get angry about a month ago. The MBTA/MBCR responded in a big way.  Today I heard from John Hogan again and it looks like we'll have an estimate for the 12-16 cameras to be installed in Lynn Station in 3 days. After that, we expect 4-8 weeks before MBTA approval and then installation will begin.

There are a lot of searches for things like "Lynn", "Lynn, MA", and "Downtown Lynn." I'm glad you are finding in your search results and I am even more glad you're coming over to chat with us. I wish more of you would speak. We are running at over 3000 visits a month now. Be heard! You'd be surprised who's listening.

All the way down at Number 15 is "All Care VNA."  While people seem to hate me when I talk about this one, it's an important one for the future of the Downtown area.   After seeing the recent plan, I can honestly say that the downtowners that spoke in opposition at the City Council meeting are being listened to. There are a lot of great compromises in the new design.  Most of you searching for this term seem to be from all care domains, so you already know that Shawn Potter has his heart in the right place. He's a great businessman, All Care VNA is an important Lynn business, and I'm now a believer that All Care VNA is going to be a great neighbor to Central Square.

Finally, you all seem to want to know what the hell happened to Horizon's Edge Casino Cruise out of Lynn. Well... I don't know if the aliens got them.. but they are no longer.  I think the only way you can sail out of our Waterfront now is by chartering a deep sea fishing boat and I'm not sure if that even works. Someday, we'll have a waterfront we can use.

That's all for now. If there are any other questions I can answer or content I can lead you to, please drop me a line in the comments.


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