Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Honorable Judith Flanagan Kennedy

On our Mayor's birthday, I thought I would point out some of the good we've seen as a result of her becoming our Mayor. The city is opening up. City budget is now online. She forced a rule of one board per person and even put out a form on the City website to allow people who are interested in joining a city board to express that interest.

She has trimmed a lot of fat on the city budget and has added Community Policing this summer as well as more evening outdoor activities to reduce crime in our worst areas.

She is encouraging debate on residency, she is supporting business in downtown by expressing a willingness to sit down with restaurant owners and discuss alternatives to the rollback (only to be ignored by the license board).

I know there are those out there who think we made a mistake electing her to office. I am not one of those. She has made me very proud of my vote and I hope is part of a greater change in Lynn politics. A change that is happening all across the state and federal levels as well.

Transparency. Communication. Representation. Action.

Happy Birthday Judy.

I'm almost scared of the comments on this one. :-)


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