Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm a Card Carrying Member - LynnArts - Exchange Street - Lynn, MA 01901 -

So I'm going to be honest... I know.... shocker!

I love LynnArts! I love the idea of LynnArts! I love what LynnArts is supposed to be! I love what LynnArts will be!

So... I joined LynnArts! After I joined LynnArts, they sent me this...

After they sent me that, I sent Susan my thoughts on what LynnArts needs to be. She asked us to do so at the last DTLna meeting that LynnArts was nice enough to host for us. Here is my feedback. What do you want LynnArts to be?

1. OPEN - Open until 7 on Thursday doesn't cut it. We just got home from work! I think we need to figure out a Saturday (which is publicized) or more special weeknight events that involve the new potential for art buying downtown.

2. OUT THERE - In the past few weeks, I've seen more activity out of LynnArts Facebook, Twitter, and newsletters then I have in my four year history here. So what's new? Whatever it is, you need more of it. It would help if there was actually something to publicize. I think the only thing going on over there is the kids camp right now, but I am looking forward to the fall.

3. TLGUTS - Maybe the BEST thing they have going over there. Someone who is deeply involved in the community, cares about quality, and is drawing people in to that building (from the basement) in a more effective way then anything I've ever seen in there. So, why not feature the gallery that is the entire reason that building even exists right now? It's a struggle to even find a mention of it on the website.

4. EDUCATION - Art buying, art quality, art in general, art history - I'll speak for myself here. I love art, but I know little about it. I have no idea how to buy it and worse, I have no idea if what I'm buying is quality art. It might appeal to my eye, but is it done well? Is it worth the price tag?

 It is a great resource. It's understaffed, but what Art's org isn't. Most places like that in other towns have very little staff and a TON of volunteers. If the demand is there, the people will turn up, even if it's mostly volunteer based.

That's where I'm at.... I would be very interested in hearing from all of you readers. What is it you want from LynnArts?

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