Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lyle Rudloff is a Difference Maker! - The Blue Ox - Oxford St - Lynn, MA

A lot of people talk about Matt O'Neill (and for good reason, he is the best, and we're so happy to have him on Oxford Street). Some people talk about the owners. The ones we know of, that is. Most have preferred to stay very silent.  The regulars talk about someone else. Someone who makes our time at The Blue Ox go off without a hitch. The someone who has created a completely professional atmosphere within The Blue Ox.  This professionalism and level of service has been lacking in the past two venues which shuttered in this same location.

A few weeks ago, I had a rather large event emergency. The place I had planned to do an event wasn't going to open that night (for good reason, but that didn't help my stress level). I called over to The Blue Ox, which is a very busy place on a Thursday night, and told Lyle of my predicament. I needed space for 20+ with the possibility of it growing even further. He very calmy thought it through, moved some things around, and told us that The Blue Ox would be happy to accomodate us that night.

All 25 people in this group commented on how wonderful the place was. It's like they come to Lynn expecting one thing, and after experiencing The Blue Ox , they go back out onto Oxford Street with a whole new impression of Lynn. The Blue Ox is an example, a trend-setter, an oasis of what will be in Downtown Lynn storefronts in the years to come.  Turbine is the next to join it's ranks. Soon there will be more.

Thank you Lyle for being a root cause of the success of The Blue Ox, for being so accomodating to your regulars and residents Downtown, and for setting the example that we hope many others will replicate going forward.

To The Blue Ox and Lyle Rudloff! Cheers!

Check out the recent writeups on A dining review and a mention in their Food Issue today.

North Shore Magazine has also awarded the Blue Ox as a Reader's Choice for Best of the North Shore 2010!

The Blue Ox, 191 Oxford St., Lynn


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