Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lynners - Take Out Your Pens. MBTA, look out. The City of Sin is not Happy With You!!

We have sent a letter to the MBTA/MBCR and you should too. Copy of the letter can be found on The Lynn Experiment

The urine was all dried up from this morning, so I couldn't get any pictures of that. The puke from a few weeks ago has also dried up and evaporated. It was still amazing to me some key issues that I would think could be easily cleaned up are still there from about 4 years ago or longer and are only getting worse. Now, I know the MBTA always cries poor, but in the same breath they are designing major station improvements for Revere and Salem, MA. Shouldn't they be forced to fix the massive garage they have first? Make it safer, improve the freaking payment method (like join the year 1990 and get an automated machine and an easy way to do monthly passes), and promote it's existence. Before you fix your problems, you should probably keep quiet though. It's embarrassing, don't you think?

Now, our other very big concern is safety especially given recent events and the knowledge that it is out of Lynn Police jurisdiction and requires MBTA Transit Police. oy!

Anyway, I looked for cameras at the garage level, didn't see any. I did find two cameras up on the platform... pointing at the platform and none in the enclosed areas such as the stairwells and nooks and cranies up on the platform (you know.... the areas where the crime, public urination, etc would be most likely to go on). Where would you put the cameras? Yeah, me too...

The MBTA thinks the part of the platform which is visible to all the residents in the surrounding buildings is the more important spot to have coverage of surveillance cameras. Make sense? I'm sure to the MBTA it does.

Send your letters to:

John Hogan
Director of Safety and Security, MBCR
89 South Street, 8th Floor
Boston, MA 02111

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  1. 2011, April. The lights in the Lynn MBTA PARKING GARAGE have been out since Thursday the 21st. For the first time in over 20 years I was terrified coming home after work.
    My fears were justified. Sometime between 4 pm Friday and 6 pm Saturday someone used the cover of darkness and rarity of Transit Police patrols to slash my left rear tire!
    How many neighborhood residents will get out to their cars ready to go to Easter Sunday church services only to find their tires slashed or worse?


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