Monday, July 12, 2010

MBTA Lt. Cmd. to Meet with Lynn Residents to discuss Commuter Rail Safety - July 13th 6:30PM Lynn PD Community Room

In the latest on the MBTA MBCR clean-up / crime crackdown, Kevin Sampson has got us a meeting with the Lt. Cmd. in charge of the transit police that patrols Lynn Station. We had a report of seeing an officer on patrol one night during the evening commute last night. It made people feel safe, feel good about where they live, feel happy to be home. We need more of that. Come tell Lieutenant Commander Robert Lenehan that yourself!

Tuesday, July 13th 6:30PM - We'll be done in time to head over to City Hall for City Council session (for those who care).
Location: Lynn Police Headquarters - Washington Street - Community Room - Walk in the front door and it's on your left

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