Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MBTA/MBCR Visit Lynn, MA - Thank You John Hogan and Lt. Cmd. Lenehan for Coming to Lynn, MA

7/14 8AM UPDATE: Much to some city and state official's dismay, Channel 5 was present for the open meeting with the MBTA. Jorge Quiroga covered the rape in June and was back for more blood. What he saw was a community and MBTA reponse worth celebrating. The press, in it's typical fashion decided to sensationalize the story, but I'm glad it's getting exposure. I just did a walk through of the entire grounds while getting my morning coffee at Fernando's. I saw a NSCC bicycle cop, a person hosing down the stairs and emptying the trash bins, a Lynn Police Officer on foot talking to another citizen, and it all smelled great. We've had 5 rapes in Lynn in the past few months. Time to get noisy folks. PR may have to get worse before it gets better. We have to fix what's broken. We were not seeing these kinds of numbers in 2008. We need a response to this, and we're getting one! Watch the story now on!

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So it appears Jorge Quiroga and News Center 5 is out for blood on MBTA crime. I don't however believe the news story was all bad. We have a big time promise from the MBTA now to install those 16-18 cameras all over that station and garage. I have every reason to believe they are going to deliver on this. John Hogan and Lt. Cmd. Lenehan just seem like no bullshit kind of guys. I hope I'm right on this.

Lt Cmd Lenehan shared some stats with us tonight and we are not the most crime ridden station (as Jorge would have you believe), but the stats are showing a recent spike in crime at the MBTA station. While I feel perfectly safe walking around Downtown Lynn at 1AM in the morning (which Jorge left out of my comments), I wouldn't go anywhere near the garage at that time of day. That can all change. We just have to get the right infrastructure in place to deter the wrong people.

Here is something MAJORLY IMPORTANT to our readers! The Lynn Station, MBTA Garage, and all surrounding areas are completely within Lynn Police Department's jurisdiction. Whoever commented on here to the contrary was wrong. We should call the Lynn Police whenever we have an issue on that property. Period!

I have some video from tonight, but my camera didn't work all that well. I'll try and post it tomorrow night if I have time.

It's been a long Lynn night. After this meeting I went and listened to Lynners talk about pitbulls for nearly 3 hours. It was amazing. If you follow me on twitter, you caught some of the fun. I'll have more on that over the next few days.

For now, I need sleep!

Since Kevin chose wisely not to listen to Lynners talk about pitbulls, he has a much better post on The Lynn Experiment about everything that was discussed tonight.


P.S. I can't believe I am about to say this, but the Item wrote a fantastic article about the meeting. If you were an online subscriber, you could read it at midnight too. I know...I'm a little obsessed with Lynn. I can't help it. My blog address even made it through editorial review. Woo hoo! Phil...You really made me work hard for that ad! I appreciate the price break though. :-)

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