Monday, July 19, 2010

They're Talking About Lynn - 2010 - Why move to the Diamond District? - Isn't It Obvious?

---- From RobL ---------------

We're living on the top floor of a triple decker in the Diamond District on Sachem Street. Why Lynn? Affordable rent...ocean breezes(and view) friendly,we have a border collie mix and a "Red Dog" (uncertain lineage, pound rescue).I'm really stoked about our neighborhood, it has a real community feel to it: lots of veggie gardens, people hanging out chatting w/ neighbors, everything close, easy bicycle access. It has the feel of a community in the process of being revitalized. I love the diversity and the plethora of ethnic foods and eateries. Being in walking distance of NSCC is cool too.


So... there you have it. That's why RobL transplanted here.

I'm starting to really latch on to some common themes of people searching for diverse neighborhoods and people looking to be a part of creating something.

Why did you move to Lynn? Or, if you've been here a long time, why do you stay?


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