Saturday, July 31, 2010

TLGUTs - Work by Men Receives Two Balls Up!

Read Haig's juror statement if you have not done so. He really nailed this show. If you missed the opening today at The Little Gallery Under the Stairs, you have until August 10th to fix this mistake.

Everything in the current exhibit was done by men, a fairly common pattern in galleries, I'm sure. Somehow, the fact that it was the point of this exhibit, made it that much more powerful. From a gallery who is very well known for showing work by prominent female talent in the area and really powerful shows on the theme of Mothers Who Create, it was all the more meaningful to see a show of this theme in this space. I was particularly struck by a carving, by a new resident to Downtown Lynn Chris Barber, of a pair of shoes. A sort of homage to the past and the current creations of Downtown Lynn. Pretty powerful stuff for this Lynner. Sean Lobdell continues to inspire with his wonderful painting of the female form. There were some very interesting wooden sculptures in the exhibit by Andy Moerlein. The picture of one of the sculptures on TLGUTs website does not do it justice. This is something you will have to experience for yourself.

I'm always in awe of what Jocelyn is able to bring in to that building. This show is no exception. The public seems to agree as the place was packed with people from all over Massachusetts. The few people I was able to introduce myself to were not even from Lynn. TLGUTs is a draw, a destination. Congratulations to Jocelyn and The Little Gallery Under the Stairs for a show to be remembered. I hope this show sells well and brings lots more folks in to the LynnArts building over the next month.

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  1. Just got home from my urban getaway to Lynn (I live in rural Topsfield). I had a great time at Lynnarts today. First I went to the members show, which was wonderful. Then I headed downstairs to the Work by Men exhibit. I really enjoyed this show, too. A real variety of art. It was fun to run into some people I knew and meet you Corey and your wife, Sarah! After the show I headed over to the beach, and then did some rollerblading at Lynn Shore Reservation. A fun day in Lynn!!


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