Friday, July 30, 2010

A Visit to Raw Art Works Always Leaves One Inspired

I remember the first time I went to their annual BASH. It was insane (in a really good way). The events there are always so well connected to what they do. Their building is no exception to that rule. Even the floors are designed so as to incorporate quotes from the students. Everything in the building has a way of helping the youth of Lynn to express themselves.

I was lucky enough to have some 1:1 time with Rebecca Monen, who has been with Raw Art Works for about a year. She gave me a very impressive tour of the new exhibit which opened in May of 2010, Let's Face It!

Watch the video below and set up your own appointment with Rebecca to get in and see what they are doing. If you have any ideas for how we as a community can work with RAW, please share in the comments. We're going to set up a small brainstorming session with some Downtown residents soon. Be good to have everyone's ideas out there.    There are more photos on our Facebook page!


  1. Hey Cojack...great video!! The art there is sooo amazing. It is such a treasure. After living in P-town and seeing lots of art, this art is just as inspiring to me. Loved the background music. I haven't been in RAW since last years Meet Me Downtown festival, so thanks for getting me into this amazing space again. Where else on the north shore can you feel the vibe of Manhattan. This is why I love Lynn!!!

  2. Great idea Chris. Keep em coming. I ran a few of our art bomb ideas by them. Trying to figure out how to join forces with them to create some real buzz in the community. Random acts of art happening everywhere! Take a lot of the eyesores in this town and make something out of them.

  3. That shouldn't be hard. Give me addresses. I'll get on it!!


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