Sunday, July 25, 2010

What's Your Memory of Lynn Auditorium?

Lots of great things coming up. I hear rumors of Gretchen Wilson, Hall & Oates, and Kenny Rogers. I hope these come true! I think those three have good potential to bring a ton of people downtown.
Sitting with Jamie Marsh in Turbine Wine Bar this weekend, one of the topics became memories of Lynn Auditorium and how everyone has one. Growing up on the North Shore and having tons of relatives in Lynn, we were in Lynn all the time.  My specific Lynn Auditorium memory was going to see the Northshoremen every year for their annual concert. It was a huge barbershop chorus that would sing as a group and then have several groups of four sing to fill out the program.  Jamie said that everyone he talks to has a different memory of Lynn Auditorium. What's yours?


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