Thursday, July 8, 2010

You'll Stay Up Till This Dump Shines Like the Top of the Chrysler Building - MBTA MBCR Lynn Central Square Commuter Rail Platform

Sorry for the Annie reference. I couldn't help it. 

Someone quick...take a picture of the power washing going on as we speak on the MBTA platform.

Cleaning schedule increased from 3 days to 5 days (while a lie that it was 3 days, at least in the offending stairwell, it's a promise and we will get mad if tomorrow is more of the same).

Police patrol should be happening from 5-10PM - while not good enough (and not true), at least we now know what should be happening. I've never seen a patrol there once.  Looking forward to shaking the guys hand next time I come home from Boston.

Member of MBCR staff coming to Lynn tomorrow for a walk through.

Thanks to everyone who got vocal today. We now know what John Hogan thinks is happening at his station. Time to let him know what is REALLY going on so he can hire the jerks that are NOT doing their JOBS!


P.S. Give Steve "The Wonderful" Walsh a big kiss the next time you see him. And your vote, the next time he needs it! He loves Lynn and we're going to continue to make that visible.

UPDATE at 5:18PM - 

Washed the backstairs and back platform area which look and smell great

They have to wash the front section with buckets of hot water, disinfectant, brooms, etc.  Looks okay but they need a key to access the locked water source at front so that they can properly pressure wash platform again, and pressure wash the benches, signage, elevator walls, etc. They’ll be back to finish all pressure washing as soon as they get a key.  Within a week at most.

Pits are schedule to be done Tuesday, 13th.  (I'm not sure what a pit is)
Within the next week they will have the station looking great.   Rusted barrels are being replaced tomorrow, graffiti removal today, ripped schedule replaced on platform & missing schedule replaced in lobby case.

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