Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DTLna Organized Meetup with Lynn Police on September 15th

The Downtown Lynn Neighborhood Association has put together a meeting with the Lynn Police on September 15th at 7PM. The meeting will take place in the Community Room of the Police Headquarters on Washington Street. I'm told the agenda will focus solely on the immediate downtown area, but all are welcome to attend.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Plumbers, Pull up Dem Pants! - Adult Entertainment Ordinance Coming to Public Hearing This Month

NOTE: In case you are coming in to this late, please read up on the history of this.

Apparently, the pleasures of viewing "the cleavage of the human buttock" will soon be a thing of the past for Lynners.  Yes... my treasured Plumber's butt is one of the defined banned Anatomical Areas in the new pointless ordinance. Sorry ladies...

I wish we were past a lot of this crap in this country, but we're not, so I can understand an ordinance on public nudity. I assume that's already on the books though... I can also understand the parts of this ordinance that prohibit Massage Parlors (where sexual activity is occurring) and Sexual Encounter Centers, but again, I assume that is prostitution.... and we already have something on the books for this too... I can also understand prohibiting establishments from having signs depicting sexual activity, and we all know by now that ISD would be on those sites likes cleavages on buttocks... so that's taken care of as well... So, what is this ordinance going to do specifically .... that is different?

From what I can tell, it seems to make it almost impossible to open a strip club (fine). It prohibits any strip club from serving alcohol and all "adult entertainment uses" have to close to the public at 11:30PM. It pretty much puts all the girls in pasties (welcome to 1930) and no guy can show his buttock cleavage (think we may have some places already that this will impact).  I can already see the Supreme Court cases now.

So fine.... if we don't want strip clubs, then just say so... This ordinance however goes much further than that.

I worry about some of the bathing suits I see on the beach being in violation of this ordinance. I guess we'll just have to put a towel around ourselves when we cross over from Nahant into Lynn.  The bottom of the female breast is OK as long as there is a bathing suit or other piece of clothing covering the areola. Yes, your city is putting a dress code in place with this ordinance.  I'm not sure if thongs will be allowed anymore. Seriously, if that ain't butt cleavage, I don't know what is.

This ordinance is bad for football players too. We can't touch each other on the "buttocks" anymore after this passes. Not in public at least.

OK, so maybe I'm exaggerating a bit since we all know it probably won't get enforced anyway and it certainly won't get enforced on the beach or on the Bulldog's playing field. But let's take a look at  where this ordinance is targeted: "Adult entertainment and Sexually Oriented Businesses"

- Adult Bookstores where more than 10% of the total floor area or stock is devoted to "sexual conduct" or "sexual excitement" as defined in M.G.L., Chapter 272, Section 31. By that definition, I would think even Border's might not be able to open in Lynn. Border's is one end of the spectrum, Amazing is the other. There are plenty in the middle. Have fun drawing this line in court, over and over again.

- Adult Paraphernalia Store where a substantial or significant portion of its stock is devices, objects, tools, or toys distinguished by their association with the conduct or excitement stated above.  Sex toy parties are a thing of the past after this sucker passes and we might want to make "substantial" and "significant" and actual percentage, don't you think?

- Adult Video Store - again with the definition above, I think we should shut down Blockbuster. Even Titantic has some "sexual excitement" in it. We should probably put that movie in the special room or wrap it in a brown bag so minors can't see it. This ordinance would require that.

- Adult Movie Theatre, Adult Booths, Adult Motel, Sexual Encounter Center, Massage Parlor are also in here.  I think those are self explanatory.

- Adult Dancing means any dancing which exposes to view by patrons or spectators on the premises at any time the specified anatomical areas and/or specified sexual activities, as defined in this Ordinance.

I think this is my favorite part where "The Ordinance" defines what Anatomical Areas and Sexual Activities are.

Anatomical Areas
1. Human genitals or pubic region (fine)
2. The cleavage of the human buttock (what?)
3. any portion of the human female breasts below a horizontal line across the top of the areola at its highest point, the entire lower half of the human female breast, not including cleavage of the human female breast exhibited by a dress, blouse, shirt, leotard, bathing suit or other wearing apparel provided that the areola is not exposed in whole or in part (wow! that was a mouthful...oppps bad choice of words.)
4. Human male genitals in a discernible (spelled discernable in the ordinance) turgid state, even if completely and opaquely covered. (poor schoolkids, make sure you always have a book bag handy to hide that turgid state of yours)

Sexual Activities (including, but not limited to)

1. human genitals in a state of sexual stimulation or arousal
2. acts of human masturbation
3. sexual intercourse or sodomy
4. fondling or erotic touching of human genitals, pubic region or pubic hair, buttocks or human breasts
5. flagellation or torture on the context of a sexual relationship
6. masochism, erotic or sexually oriented torture, beating or the infliction of pain
7. erotic touching, fondling or other such contact with an animal by a human being
8. excretory functions as part of or in connection with any of the activities listed herein

Please go to City Hall... run to the City Clerk's office and get a copy of this ordinance to read-over. Do NOT just assume that this is a "stop strip club" ordinance. Get educated before getting behind this. It's dangerous! Period. Needs to be whittled down to it's point and not become a war we have to fight in Courts at all levels.

This ordinance sites 4 specific cases for precedent. They are all outdated and were all vicously fought all the way up the court system often ending in very close decisions.

1. Erie v. Pap's A.M., 529 U.S. 277 (2000)
2. Barnes v. Glen Theatre, Inc., 501 U.S. 560 (1991)
3. City of Renton v. Paytime Theatres Inc., 475 U.S. 41 (1986)
4. Young v. American Mini Theatres, U.S. 50 (1976)

I fail to see the point in this at all. I still believe this is a scare tactic with an immediate pointless solution to something we don't have as a problem in this City. 

So, what do we think boys and girls?


Lynn Auditorium Begins 2010-2011 Schedule!!!

December 18th
Kenny Rogers

I mean who doesn't want to sing along to The Gambler or Lady in Lynn Audorium. I know one Former Lynner who now lives in Peabody, MA that is definitely going to be in the audience for this one. And Jamie better give my mom a meet and greet :-)

The Rat Pack is coming on November 5th (direct from las vegas)

Captured, The Journey Tribute will be there on November 20th

The Lynn Lions Battle of the Bands will represent on October 23rd

There is a possibility of Hall & Oates being added to the schedule - Yeah, the 30 somethings in Central Square are crazy about this one. This better happen!!!!!

Jamie Marsh is Lynn Auditorium. I was in City Hall today after hours and he was done with solving the city's community development problems for the day, but he wasn't done with Lynn. He was in the auditorium helping to load back in the staging from Culturefest II. I know I've said he bleeds for Lynn more than once on this blog, but he really does. He really does!

I've never seen one man do more for this city! Period.

Support Lynn Auditorium. All of you call your moms today and have them save the date for Kenny Rogers. Dec 18th. See you there!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Turbine Trivia in Central Square TONIGHT! Wednesday 8/25

Turbine has trivia tonight at 8:30PM. Heading over for dinner now. Not sure if my brain is up for trivia, but I may stick around for a bit.

56 Central Square


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lynn Restaurant Assocation President Response to Phelan

The last time I tired to make this point, I may have failed as most of the conversation led to the pitbull debate. Well, now you can hear the other side of the story. A side the Item failed (or should I say, Phel'd) to print.  Here's a link to the Lynn Restaurant Association blog and President Subero's response to Tim Phelan.


Redbones BBQ Comes Back to Lynn for BBQ in the Park - August 27th 6-10PM

BBQ in the Park
summer in the city II
Only 10 tickets left!don't miss this great summer event!

DATE: Friday, August 27
TIME: 6-10:00 pm
LOCATION: Heritage Park at the Visitors Center
(between LynnArts & the Lynn Museum)
There are only 10 tickets left to this great summer event. 
(call 781-598-5244 to reserve your tickets)
$22, includes pulled pork, pulled chicken, mac & cheese, potato salad, garden salad, watermelon and live music courtesy of the Squeezebox Stompers
Kids 12 and under 2 for 1!

cash bar
red sox ticket raffle
dancing under the moonlight

Summer is almost over savor what's left!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Raw Art Works Art Slam this Thursday, August 26th at 6:30PM

Check out Raw Art Works this Thursday!
Art Slam- August 26, 2010 6:30 pm to 8 pm- A group of teenagers are coming together to put on a talent showcase to be held at RAW Space on August 26th. Young and older teenagers will be performing poetry, dance, music, and other performing arts. This unique group gives teenagers interested in RAW a chance to express themselves in a form other than visual art. The show, set, and performances are completely designed by the performers in this non-competitive setting. Come support RAW artists at this open to the community event!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Culturefest II: Juan Gonzales Throws Another Great Party on Munroe Street

Juan Gonzales of Fernando's on Munroe Street - Organizer of Culturefest

I was only able to stop in today due to a friends wedding celebration, but I wanted to share a few photos with you of the great time I had while I was there. I hope you all got some great moments in on Munroe Street today.  Send me pictures if you want me to post them.

The Food Project was on hand with locally grown coffee beans, veggies, and honey!!

Pleasant surprise to see US Congressman John Tierney in attendance! Here he is with the beautiful ladies of Downtown Lynn!
Our State Senator Tom McGee!
DJ Seth spins up some Motown!!

What U Talkin About, Phelan? Pitbulls and Strippers are not Our Problems!!!

I want to dive into two recent topics in the news and propose a different slant on the story.

1. The Insane Pitbull Ordinance
2. The Unreasonable Freak out over the Lynn Restaurant Association President

I'm sure you read my notes on the council meeting that dealt with the Pitbull Ordinance. I personally think time wasted on this topic is an extreme waste of taxpayer money. Our Mayor is now spending her time having to research legal issues surrounding an ordinance which is going to be inneffective anyway! The problem is still going to be present. We're still going to have one dog officer in a city of 90,000. We're still going to have #$%^head owners!! Why are we doing this? Oh wait, there's a Mayoral race coming up in a few years and guess who is running? (Keep this at the front of your mind, whenever you get scared by something in the paper!!!) Oh man, this is going to get me called in to the principal's office again, I can feel it.

Ok, now let's move on to an even more insane topic. The Lynn Restaurant Association President recently allegedly inquired into adult entertainment. Just looking for information we're now told. He never submitted anything so there was nothing to withdraw. He just had to come out with some insane public statement because Phelan made such a huge deal about it in the local press. Now, I don't want a strip club here either. That's why the lord gave us Providence, RI.

I would much rather our city council be focused on actual problems. A freakin' Ordinance Committee was called for this past Tuesday so that they could lay down a public hearing on this. Insane! We think that hearing will be on Sept 7th (not confirmed yet). What exactly are we debating? What else does Phelan have a problem with that could potentially maybe someday come to Lynn? Maybe we should lay down pointless hearings for all of those things as well?

People will show up to this hearing to shout and scream about how bad strip clubs are and I completely agree, but guess what y'all? There isn't one even proposed for the City of Lynn. This is a waste of our time. Fix what makes certain sections of Lynn an obvious place to put a strip club and then we'll be good.



Let's get our priorities in order Council. You are not gaining a vote from this Downtowner, Phelan. I know you're fooling a bunch of others. Earn the votes fairly. Stop the fear mongering in the local paper (they do that just fine without you) and let's move forward on what really matters for the City of Lynn.

Pitbulls and Strippers (not our problems).


Friday, August 20, 2010

Goodbye Wonderland

I may be in a minority opinion here but what else is new. Casinos and race tracks will do little but bring Lynn more issues. I am not and never will be in favor of casinos coming to the next town over from Lynn. I believe it will equal the further destruction of the North Shore downtown just as we have begun to make progress in reinventing it.

Where would you go on a Friday night? Lynn Auditorium to see Hall and Oates or the big shiny casino a town away with much better loss-leader entertainment. Don't even get me started on what this would do for live theatre.

Where would you go for drinks and dinner? Turbine Wine Bar or the big shiny new club/restaurant with some big name celebrity attached to it.

Finally, look at all the areas around the casinos in the south, Connecticut, Atlantic City, and Vegas. Poverty defined! It will do lots for the state revenue short term. It will do lots for the town it is directly in in terms of tourism and hospitality.

A large casino in Revere does nothing for Lynn but empty out our downtown and give us a lot more problems to create a whole lot more tax payer funded services to address.

So, goodbye Wonderland. I can only hope and pray that the casino bill stays dead.

So, that's my opinion. What's yours?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

California Family Lands in Lynn After Throwing Dart at a Map to Pick Vacation Destination

Watch this awesome story from Channel 7 news! I love it! Look at our awesome Mayor completely rolling out the red carpet. Lynn can be a tourist destination. There is so much to see here. Lynn Woods, Lynn Beach, the Civil War Museum, the Lynn Museum, Arts Events, Great diverse selection of food, and as we know, awesome people.

This is great marketing for our great city. Way to go Mayor Kennedy!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Culturefest II - Saturday the 21st - Munroe Street

Have you been to Fernando's? Did you go to Culturefest I in May? Did you come to Arts After Hours? Did you come to meet Senator McGee with the residents of Downtown Lynn? If you did any of these things, you may have saw a  man by the name of Juan Gonzales. To say he is the owner and executive chef of Fernando's is a correct statement but truly minimizes what this man has done for the downtown area. Juan Gonzales has thrown himself into the community full force. He loves Downtown Lynn and will do anything to see it succeed. He is not only a part of other's events, he has created his own and brought an incredible spirit to Munroe Street.

The last Culturefest was so much fun. The only shortcoming was that more of you weren't there to enjoy it. Please get out on Saturday the 21st and head over to Munroe Street. There will be plenty for the kids and fantastic food and music. Check it out. Support Juan the way he supports us. You will be happy you did!

Munroe Street
Saturday August 21st, 2010


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lynn, MA on tax free weekend

Let's get this Lynn economy pumping! Ideas for today and tomorrow:

Omar and Oscar jewelers - Central Square

Lynnway Liquors - 1A

Lucia Lighting - Western Ave rt 107

Zimmans furniture - Market St.

The Little Gallery Under the Stairs art and gift shop - 25 Exchange St.

What am I missing?

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Arts After Hours Inaugural Event a Huge Success!

I am too tired to go in to great detail, but I wanted to get some pictures up for you guys to see some of the key moments of the event last night. If you missed Arts After Hours, stay tuned to,,, or just about any other blog in the city of Lynn. Once we have details, we'll turn on the marketing faucet again.

Last night, something special was born in Downtown Lynn. It wasn't a difficult thing to pull together. When we're all in this thing and we all care this passionately about the success of the area, it's a natural thing to bring us all together to celebrate it. Thanks to everyone who helped make last night a very special night in Central Square.

Juan Gonzales serving up his amazing delights!
Dave Simmons, Steve Peabody, and Brian Donnelly

Brian McDermott - photographer

Mirror Neurons
Spiral Glyphics
Spiral Glyphics
After party at Turbine Wine Bar

More pictures available on Downtown Lynn Facebook Fan Page!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th - Lynn Woods - Free Movie Night - Where the Wild Things Are

Head over to the Penny brook entrance a little before 8:30PM. There is parking there and it's sure to be an awesome setting to watch this movie. I will not be able to go unfortunately.

The last movie night was in Downtown and was an awesome time for our neighbors. We hope to do many more movie nights . Stay tuned for more on that from the Arts After Hours crowd.

Had a great time last night at Arts After Hours. Pictures and a blog post will be coming this weekend.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Arts After Hours - Thursday August 12th 7PM

It's going to be a beautiful night. Mid-70s with a nice ocean breeze. We couldn't have planned a better night to be outdoors enjoying art and music in Downtown Lynn. Here is a rough schedule of events for those of you coming down to Arts After Hours. You don't want to miss any of this! It's time to reclaim Thursday night in Downtown Lynn.

Arts After Hours is brought to you by, TLGUTs and with generous support from Ward 5 Councilor Brendan Crighton, State Representative Steve Walsh, and Economic Development Industrial Corporation of Lynn (EDIC).

7:00PM Art on Display and For Sale by  Daniel Arcand, Brian Donnelly, Michiko Imai, Sean Lobdell, Maria Marx, Brian McDermott

7:00PM Dave Simmons, Brian Donnelly, and Steve Peabody Trio
8:00PM Mirror Neurons
8:45PM Spiral Glyphics Fire Performance
9:15PM After Party at Turbine Wine Bar

Look forward to seeing you all.  The $5 admission fee will help with event expenses, allow us to donate to the Lynn Museum challenge grant, and provide much needed support for future Arts After Hours events.

There will be wine, beer, and food from Turbine and Fernando's - $5 for everything.  This is a steal for some of the greatest food, wine, and beer Downtown Lynn has to offer.

Looking forward to meeting a lot of new people Thursday night! Come say hello!


Council Notes from Lynn City Council Meeting - August 10th, 2010

This was one I really wanted to attend but I was having a wonderful night with my wife instead at Sculler's Jazz Club in Boston. We took in Athene Wilson and Friends. She was our wedding band on May 17th, 2009 and it was definitely better than sitting through a city council meeting. I have to admit, I may have got kicked out of this one so it's probably better I wasn't there.

I'm so happy these things get taped now both by LynnCAM and where it's available on demand.

For those of you out of the loop and haven't yet read Wednesday's item, police officer Greg Leblanc had a Home Rule Petition to increase his 72% pension to 100%. He's in his 40s and suffered a career ending injury responding to a call. Granted, he may have not followed the correct procedure. The Chief of Police isn't even behind him on this one, so that says something, I guess.  Listening to this guys story, it's easy to say throw 100% at him. From the sound of Councilor Ford, that was what he thought was going to happen until they got to the chamber session.

What has me angry might surprise you. Yeah, Lozzi is a....(I'll let you fill in the blank). Whatever, that ship has sailed. I know several Ward 1 residents who back me up on this one. Replace in next election please!!!! He should have kept his mouth shut. No one wanted to table that thing. But since Phelan was staring at him, I guess he really had no choice. It was obvious that was what they had worked out before hand.....  So Lozzi tables. Good for you Duffy on voting NO! The only one with guts on this particular issue. Then....comes the most telling moment in City Council history!

Councilor Ford says, wait a minute, can I say something? Phelan says, sure... if you want to suspend the rules.. I guess we can let you talk. Ford basically lets the public know that everyone thought the 100% was a no-brainer and now..... here we are.... all worried that this will open the city up to several other requests so therefore we should not grant this particular request on it's own merit????   Now this still isn't what has me upset.

Two people got up to speak in favor of Greg LeBlanc. No one got up in opposition. Yet when the public hearing ended a sea of people left the room. Why didn't you all speak?????? It doesn't matter if the person before you said it all. Speak! Be heard! This city council has a bit of a hearing problem but after a while if enough people stand up, you might be surprised. Granted the outcome still would have been the same... see earlier paragraph... but you would of at least have had your say. What's the point in going if you're not going to speak up?

To put a further nail in the city shroud of secrecy, when the city solicitor was asked a simple question about whether or not this would open the city up to further requests for 100% pensions, he bowed out referencing the fact that this particular vote was tabled and he did not have to answer that question.  Wow! How brave!

OK.. enough of me being a jerk..... now on to the GREAT NEWS for Downtown Lynn.

Apollo Restaurant over by the YMCA has been granted a beer and wine license for 4PM-1AM weekdays and 12 noon-1AM weekends! This is fantastic. Check out my review of Apollo Restaurant in Lynn, MA from months ago. I will go back when I get a beer with my gyro!

and... finally... Turbine Wine Bar has been approved for a Full Liquor License by the City Council. This is great news for Stephen Hanley and Turbine and for many of my friends who now will be able to get their drink of choice at North Shore Magazine's Readers Choice for Best Wine List.

Don't take my word for it,  see for yourself on


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lynn, Massachusetts - City Council Agenda - August 10, 2010

Here is tonight's agenda. For those of you interested in learning more about the Waterfront plans, head on over to City Hall at 6:15 and listen in on what they are planning now that the power lines are almost gone.   Several appointments tonight by the Mayor to city boards. Great to see Magnolia Contreras' name on the list. She seems like the hardest working woman in Lynn. She's at everything and knows everyone. She has a real good heart and could do great things in bridging the cultural divide in this town.

Here's the agenda for this evening... No pitbulls, but a ton of stuff. Should be a decent length meeting tonight.

Meetings Prior to the City Council Session Include:

Public Property Committee, 6:00 P.M., Room 402 Discussion re: Request from IT Department to dispose of equipment; Request from ST. George’s Church to hang banners; and Other Business.

Waterfront Site Plan Review Committee, 6:15 P.M., Room 402 Discussion re: Review Plans/City Fitness, Inc; and Other Business.

Ordinance Committee, 6:30 P.M., Room 402
Discussion and/or to Set Down For Public Hearing: An Ordinance Amending the City of Lynn Zone Ordinance, and Other Business.

Public Safety, 7:00 P.M., Room 402
Discussion re: Constable Appointments, and Other Business.

License Committee, 7:15 P.M., Room 402
Discussion re: Minor Licenses, and Other Business.

Ways and Means Committee, 7:30 P.M., Room 402
Discussion re: Council Orders, and Other Business.

Finance Committee, 7:45 P.M., Room 408
Discussion re: Financial Transfers and Other Business.

City Council Agenda

Roll Call
Moment of Silence
Pledge of Allegiance


Communication from Her Honor the Mayor:
Dear Councillors: I am hereby reappointing Mr. Charles D. Ward to the Lynn Housing Authority Neighborhood Development Commission. Mr. Ward’s term is effective immediately and will expire on May 25, 2015. Sincerely, Judith Flanagan Kennedy, Mayor, City of Lynn.

Communication from Her Honor the Mayor:
Dear Councillors, I am hereby reappointing the following members to the Economic Development Industrial Corporation Board: Lisa Panakio-Rowe – Effective immediately and will expire on June 30, 2013 Tyrone Brown – Effective immediately and will expire on June 30, 2013 Theodore Smith – Effective immediately and will expire on June 30, 2013 Sincerely, Judith Flanagan Kennedy, Mayor, City of Lynn

Communication from Her Honor the Mayor:
Dear Councillors, I am hereby appointing Ms. Magnolia Contreras, 20 Shepard Street, to the Economic Development Industrial Corporation Board. Ms. Contreras’ term is effective immediately and will expire on June 30, 2013.

Communication from Her Honor the Mayor:
Dear Councillors: I am hereby appointing the following to the Lynn Zoning Board of Appeals:
Daniel E. Gisonno – His appointment is effective immediately and will expire on July 9, 2015.

Communication from Councilor-At-Large Paul T. Crowley

Public Hearings:

Petition of Wendy’s, Paul Kudarauskas, for permission for a sign permit at 116 Boston Street. (Crighton)

Petition of Apollo Restaurant, Dionisios Linardos, for permission to allow the sale of beer and wine for consumption on premises in accordance with Section 12 of the City of Lynn Zoning Ordinance at 21 Neptune Boulevard.

Petition of Clear Wireless, LLC, Tower Resource Management, James George, for permission to install a wireless antenna and related equipment on the roof of a building at 145 Washington Street. (Crighton)

Petition of Clear Wireless, LLC, Tower Resource Management, James George, for permission to install a wireless antenna and related equipment on the roof of a building at 285 Lynn Shore Drive. (Colucci)

Petition of Ernie’s Harvest Time, Ernie Fratangelo, Jr., for permission for a sign permit at 65 Boston Street.

Petition of Turbine Wine Bar, Inc., Stephen Hanley, for permission to change to All Alcohol License at 56 Central Square, with hours of operation to be 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday. (Crighton)

Home Rule Petition – LeBlanc

Public Hearings to be Set Down:

Petition of Lewis Laundry, Henry Nguyen, for permission for a Laundromat service at 219B Lewis Street. (Cyr)

Petition of Higher Ground Sports & Fitness, Neil Liston, for permission for a Personal Training Center in a Light Industrial Zone at 161 Eastern Avenue.

Petition of National Grid, Greg Spinale, for permission to install 5’ +/- of secondary conduit for new lighting at Memorial Park, Memorial Park Avenue.

Petition of National Grid, Paul McGrath, for permission to replace existing regulating fault @ 57-59 President Street, with new vault to be located on Lexington Street, approximately 60 ft. down from President Street.

Petition of National Grid, Paul McGrath, for permission to install 100’ of 2: plastic gas main in Curwin Terrace from Curwin Circle.

Unfinished Business:

From the July 13 Meeting:

Ordered that the burnt, dilapidated or dangerous building or other structure located at 38 Rockaway Street be demolished.

Ordered that the City Clerk be directed to cause notice to be advertised that meetings of the qualified voters of the City of Lynn will be held in the several polling places for the State Primary and the State Final Election.

Ordinance Amending the Ordinance Pertaining to Vicious Dogs and Animal Regulations in the City of Lynn

Committee Reports:

Public Property
Waterfront Zone Site Plan Review
Public Safety
Ways & Means

State Senator Tom McGee is a Proud Lynner

I want to personally thank Senator McGee and Brendan and Robin from his staff for setting up a meeting with some of Lynn's most active citizens in the Downtown and Diamond District areas of Lynn. The meeting kicked off by getting to know the Senator a bit more.  A Lynner for life it seems, he is very proud to state he's in the same home he's been in for 50 years. He talked about his dad's service in Ward 5 and how he's always wanted to be a public servant.

One thing that rang out loud and clear throughout this session with Senator McGee, is there are a lot of North Shore groups forming around us that we need to tap into. He spoke of the North Shore Chamber a lot. He brought up the North Shore Alliance. He talked about the Northeast Caucus that has been formed in the Senate. It's very clear that the North Shore is waking up. We are not to be ignored anymore. Several things passed in the recent legislature have been results of agressive support from North Shore Organizations. A new North Shore Technical High School combining Essex Aggie and Peabody Voc, and Salem State becoming a University among them.

On Economic Development, he spoke of recent legislature that should help out Lynn in some key ways. There is something about Lynn being a Gateway city in MA. Large enough to be considered a starting point for economic sparks. We've always kind of called ourselves the Gateway to the North Shore. I guess it's more true than we first thought. I'll have to look into more on this and write it up at some point.

One key government body we need to get aware of and fast is the MPO. They handle ARRA money that is funneled through the State. I believe if we were to ever make progress on Blue Line, Ferry, etc the funds would come from this organization. There is a project starting over on Lynnfield and Millard Ave to fix up that dangerous intersection funded through this body.

We talked about tax incentives a little bit for creative types, both residents and commercial. We have some follow up to do to research "Creative economies" and figure out who the big proponents of this type of economic growth are on the North Shore. Whoever those people are need to educate our city immediately. We have some names now, so I hope to be able to report more on progress there soon.

The big take away was to be proud and loud of Lynn. Senator McGee is a Lynner and will always be a Lynner from the looks of it. He is fighting for Lynn's image as much as we all are if not more.  He called on all of us to create good stories that will then be shared. Lynn didn't always have this image and it doesn't have to have it in the future.

Thanks Senator McGee for taking the time to learn a little about the residents in Downtown Lynn. The Senator is up for re-election this year. The DTLna does not endorse candidates for office as a body. I will express my personal opinion sometime closer to the election. However, it seems clear to me right now, we got a great Lynner in that seat and we might just want to keep him there.


Monday, August 9, 2010

TONIGHT: Meet Senator McGee - Lynn Police HQ - Community Room - 7:30PM

Come join the DTLna and other residents of Lynn as we meet State Senator Tom McGee and discuss relevant state level issues that impact our great city. This is similar in style to the meeting we had with State Rep. Walsh and we'll try to stay on topic (state level). Education, Economic Development, Transportation, Recent Legislative Session, Upcoming legislative session, etc.

Lynn Police Headquarters - Washington Street Lynn,MA
Community Room is on your left as soon as you walk through the front door.


See you all there!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Arts After Hours - Backyard Bash Celebrating the Art of Downtown Lynn

If you regularly follow me on Twitter, Facebook or just read the blog a lot, you have no doubt heard about Arts After Hours. If you haven't, you need to check out the Arts After Hours site and then go RSVP on Facebook.  While you have heard a lot about what we're doing, I thought I'd lay down a little of why I'm doing it.

For me, Downtown Lynn is a work of art. I think a lot of us moved here because we were excited about the creation. Whether the end goal be a better world, honoring the past generations, or simply higher property values, we're all in this for a better Downtown Lynn.

Arts After Hours, for me, is about keeping up the momentum. I was so angry when I found out Third Thursdays were disbanded, even angrier when I asked all my elected officials and they hadn't heard that they were to be no more. After some prodding and poking of the people who have the money and experience running these things, I realized I was at a dead end. We were going to have to do it ourselves, and you know what, it's turning out to be a blessing.

This creation is being driven by Jocelyn Almy-Testa, Seth Albaum, and myself (Corey Jackson). Jocelyn has a great post about why she is doing Arts After Hours on the TLGUTs blog.  I've really enjoyed working with Jocelyn and Seth on this project. Seth has been able to put together some great entertainment for you all. Jocelyn has pulled together some amazing artists to show their talents. We were able to get two downtown businesses to provide food, wine, and beer.

This is a backyard bash to celebrate the artist... whether that artist be a painter, photographer, chef, business owner, or resident of Downtown Lynn, we are all a part of this creation.

There will be more events of a Bad Ass nature. We may have some of those details ready soon. I hope in the future to use my talents as a stage director to produce some high-quality theatre in the area under the Arts After Hours banner.  As Jocelyn says in her recent post, we're an artsy bunch, we just haven't been that loud about it. It's time to get loud... suckahs!

Look forward to seeing you all at Arts After Hours on August 12th at 7PM. For the official press release see the Facebook fan page.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tonight at Turbine : DJ Seth

Tonight at 9PM at Turbine Wine Bar, DJ Seth spins his unique selection of tunes. It's like nothing you've ever heard before. Come by, try the wine, listen to some cool music, and enjoy great neighbors.  I'll be there around 9ish.

Calendar for upcoming week:

August 9th: Meetup with State Senator Tom McGee at 7:30 Lynn Police Community Room on Washington Street

August 12th: Arts After Hours from 7-9PM in Lynn Museum Park.

August 13th: Outdoor Movie Series presented by Mayor Kennedy and OECD's Jamie Marsh. Where the Wild Things Are - 8:30PM - Lynn Woods Pennybrook entrance


Friday, August 6, 2010

We're 200, we need to be 500, what does that mean?

All of our politicans say we need to get to 500 new residents downtown. Well, we got to 200 and lately we seem to be growing again. Where are these 200 people? Ten of them were at Turbine tonight. Where were the other 190? 25 came to Indiana Jones movie night. Where were the other 175? 58 are signed up on Facebook to attend Arts After Hours. Where are the other 142? I'm not saying you ALL should be at everything, but it seems a poor Return on Investment if out of 200 people we're getting 5-20% depending on the event. The success at Blue Ox is happening from out of town. The success at TLGUTs is largely out of town. So, what's the deal? Are the other 90% reading this blog? There's 1900 unique visitors this month and about 10 commenters.  More of you should speak up! What are we missing? Who are you? What would you come out for? 

Maybe a survey/census of the downtown should be our next big action item. Who are we? Why are we here? What do we want?

In parallel, we need to start aggressively working with our local political leaders on creating incentives to get more of us to share in this creation.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Salem, A City With a Plan Compared to Lynn, A City Whose Leaders Are Not Following One

Phelan and the City Council, listen for once. Read this article from the Boston Globe. There are some great quotes in here from your boss.

Big thank you to Susan Halter from LynnArts for forwarding this to me this morning.

A comparison of a city with a plan, Salem, to a city who refuses to follow one, Lynn.  There is nothing that is false in this article. It makes it clear that even with the failures of our past, Lynn is starting to fix those and it is building up the residential base that will help build out your downtown (That is if you don't take over all the space with medical services first).

It does makes you (Phelan and the City Council) and the decision makers of the past 30 years look kind of dumb. Granted, there was some bad luck involved, but the reality is bad development decisions and too many sweet deals for the non-profits that are sucking up a majority of our space. $30K in revenue to the city from all of these nonprofits? Mayor Driscoll has 125K from one non-profit coming into Salem coffers yearly.  Read the article.Ward 5 Councilor forced a payment in lieu of taxes from All Care, which will boost that 30K number up a tiny bit next year and I think double it by year 3. Hurrah! More!

Where is our City Planner???? We don't have one!!!!! It hurt us in the 70s, it destroyed us in the 80s, it helped to inform bad decisions in the 90s and showed our living in the past attitude in 2000. In 2010, we finally need to solve this. City Planner on payroll, immediately. Salem has an entire organization devoted to redevelopment. A focused, clear, plan, that they execute on year by year. It works. It was eye opening to me how exactly Salem cemented the Halloween tourism and helped PEM to expand. Very successful strategy, not just the history that occured there.

Our Mayor, Judith Flanagan Kennedy, has some great quotes in this article, and I was happy to see her standing behind everything that is in place. We do have a strong base and a lot of things are in place, I will agree with that. We should not be complacent though. In today's Item, Jim Cowdell and EDIC put their crosshairs on Hawthorne's property. That family should be ashamed of themselves, basically holding that plot of land over Downtown Lynn's head during it's best chance at renewal in a long time. I really hope the EDIC team with the support of the City Council and Mayor's Office gets that property away from that family once and for all. I wish the dad were still alive. He'd have done something by now. Everyone who cares about Downtown Lynn should stop eating at the Anthony's chain of restaurants until there is a plan for this site that the family has agreed to.

Salem and Lynn have so much in common. The latest similarity being that we now both have intelligent, powerful, focused leaders in Mayor Kim Driscoll and Mayor Judith Kennedy. Salem has been Common Cause (Open Government) for a while and they just recently completed their Salem-wide citizen survey. In Lynn, our ears are open, our city government is starting to open up, but there is still a lot of work to do and things in City Hall that need to change for this Downtown dream to get a better comparison to Salem in the next article from the Boston Globe.


Part-time General Assignment Reporter Sought at The Daily Item

Amazing. The Daily Item is seeking a part-time general assignment reporter. I just caught this on a Lynn, MA blog search and was pointed at this Craigslist posting. I think my favorite part is the instructions to mail or fax your stuff over. What is this new-fangled Internet thing, anyway?

I'm thinking we bloggers should apply as a group. I typed up this fax. I just wish I had a fax machine!!!

Dear Daily Item,
I know you've seen and do not like it. That's fine. While I have had my issues with your content as well, for the most part, I'm happy you're here. Have you seen,,,, etc. I was wondering this, because if you have seen these blogs, I think you would save some money on your part-time general assignment reporter and re-use some blog content instead. Your paper is mostly AP content on certain days of the week. I mean even your editorial page is filled with AP content a lot of the time. That just doesn't make any sense in a town like Lynn.We got things to say, and we're saying 'em!

If you would consider Downtown Lynn as a content source for your paper, take a look at some of this. We have election coverage, Public Interest Stories, Arts & Entertainment, Travel, Dining Reviews, and tons of Editorial Content. The readership is at historic high levels and I can only imagine that the bloggers and the Daily Item would benefit from a mutual agreement. We would benefit in readers and a more open dialogue, you would benefit in content. We even do video and we're pretty damn good photographers. So, we don't have majors in journalism, but honestly, how's that working out for your paper these days anyway?

I hope you will have Phil call me to discuss.

Corey Jackson
Lynn Blogger

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3 Shots Beer and 1/2 Cup of Milk - Who Wants One? - Inspired by Lynnway Smell Resolution

One Drool Coming Up!

1/2 cup milk
3 shots beer (lager)

I did not make this up. This is a drink, which I guess means someone in the world has actually had one of these!

Or, how about this tasty treat to the left from Tokyo. Yes, Bilk stands for Beer milk. But anyway, on to how this helps Downtown Lynn.

In the Item today, they are reporting that Budweiser is coming to Garelick's rescue to resolve the horrifying smelly problem on the Lynnway

Budweiser will be adding microbes to the mix of disgusting-ness going on behind Garelick Farms at the water treament facility on our beautiful "Waterfront."

I really hope they know what they're doing!

I spoke with Maryann O'Connor, Director Health Division of Inspectional Services, earlier today and it looks like due to the complexity of this matter, the city had to hire the consultant to recommend a long-term unbiased solution to this problem. Very common tactic and I hope that the expense of this gets put on Garelick.

She also reports that the Budweiser fix seems to be working as of last reports. Short term solution in place. Longer term solution needed.

Good to see the city working so hard to protect our image. Shout out to Capano and O'Connor for fighting the good fight! The last thing we want is smelly milk waste to be the welcome into Lynn.

In my last message to Ms. O'Connor I asked if what we are breathing has any health risks associated with it. No response as of this posting...


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Meet State Senator Tom McGee - August 9th 7:30PM - @ Lynn Police Station Community Room

This will be an open meeting for all Lynn residents. The focus will be on state level topics such as education, transportation, economic development and the recently ended legislative session. A great way to get to know your current State Senator and pick his brain on whatever topic you wish.

Hope to see lots of you out on August 9th for this meetup.

August 9th at 7:30PM
Lynn Police Headquarters Community Room
Washington Street


Turbine Wine Bar Announces Awesome Weekly Schedule!

Free food, trivia, and wine tastings..oh my! This is fantastic. Here is the schedule. Let's get out to some of this stuff. Sounds like a blast.

Tuesdays: Neighborhood Night @ Turbine
buy any 2 menu items and get the 3rd free* from 6pm to 8pm
* (= or lesser value)

Wednesdays: Trivia Night @ Turbine
7pm to 9pm
great prizes and great times

Thursdays: Wine Tastings @ Turbine
Starting August 19th
Five fabulous wines and a succulent food sampling
7pm to 8:30pm
Tickets are $20 in advance ($25 @ the door)

Monday, August 2, 2010

One Page Guide to Everything Downtown Lynn, Massachusetts

Thanks to Lynn Experiment and some other downtowners for taking some extreme initative to not only put this flyer together but also run it around downtown like mad making sure every resident saw it tonight. This is such a great resource, I hope you all enjoy.

Questions?? You can email me or Kevin on the email addresses provided on the sheet.

DTL Overview                                                               


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Commuter Rail Adventures - Downtown Lynn to Newburyport in 40 Minutes

We all go to Boston every morning in 19 minutes, but a lot of us also use this rail line to take us to various gems across the North Shore. While we all love Lynn and can't bear to leave it, sometimes we do get away...

This weekend Sarah and I decided to get away and do something summery on the North Shore. For those of you who do not know, our commuter rail line juts off at Beverly Station in two fantastic North Shore directions, Rockport and Newburyport. Today, we took the Newburyport line all the way to the end.

Once we arrived in Newburyport, we walked the trail to Downtown Newburyport. This is poorly marked and if you don't know where you are going, you will get a bit lost. We did. We eventually figured out we should continue in the direction the train was heading and we stumbled on to the Clipper City Rail Trail.  It's a shame the "rail trail" doesn't have "rails" on it anymore so the commuter rail could just drop us off in actual Downtown Newburyport, but alas.  It was a great 1.1 mile walk down the Clipper City Rail Trail to the Merrimack River.

Once in Newburyport we headed over to the Farmer's market which was open from 9AM-1PM. Lots of fun stuff in addition to veggies. Savory Kitchen was there with some delicious chocolate chip cookies and other baked goods. We then took in a few of the stores in the Tannery, which were fantastic. Home goods, toys, pottery, and foodie type stores. We got a new rug for our kitchen.

After some time at the Farmer's Market, we were pretty hungry. Although we had recommendations to take in Stella's for breakfast, we were a bit late for that. So, we asked Twitter what to do! Most of you responded with The Black Cow, so we headed back in that direction and had one of the best lunches we've ever had. Sarah had a salad and the mussels. I got a cheeseburger and a Long Trail Ale.   The cheeseburger was some awesome beef with oozing cheddar cheese and awesome french fries to go with it. I was jealous of the women at the table next to us who got onion rings substituted. Those looked amazing.

After the Black Cow, we continued to shop. Our first stop was Oldies Marketplace. This place is incredible. I've been there before to buy a tuba for a production of The Music Man I directed, and the antique bottles that made up part of our wedding centerpieces. It was fun to show Sarah where the bottles came from.

We visited many other shops along Merrimack (I think?), State, and Pleasant Streets. Some great shops with various gifts, home goods, one store that had a UK theme to it (very cool and I may be back there for some boots). We got some Richardson's ice cream (which seems to be everywhere these days) and headed to the boardwalk to sit and people watch.

We then decided we needed to get out on the water. Lucky for us, the harbor tours leave every hour from 11AM on, so we got on the 4PM harbor cruise with Captain Bill. He has been doing this for 30 years, seems to resent all the rich people that live on the shores of his tour, but is hilariously funny about it. That was a great way to end our day and enjoy some peaceful time out on the river.

A 1.1 Mile walk back to the commuter rail station and 40 minute journey back to Lynn, and we're home.

A wonderful day in a wonderful New England town and to top it all off..... it's SO EASY to get to from Downtown Lynn.  Give it a try next weekend!

Leave a comment... Where does the commuter rail take you? Where should we go on our next journey?

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