Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3 Shots Beer and 1/2 Cup of Milk - Who Wants One? - Inspired by Lynnway Smell Resolution

One Drool Coming Up!

1/2 cup milk
3 shots beer (lager)

I did not make this up. This is a drink, which I guess means someone in the world has actually had one of these!

Or, how about this tasty treat to the left from Tokyo. Yes, Bilk stands for Beer milk. But anyway, on to how this helps Downtown Lynn.

In the Item today, they are reporting that Budweiser is coming to Garelick's rescue to resolve the horrifying smelly problem on the Lynnway

Budweiser will be adding microbes to the mix of disgusting-ness going on behind Garelick Farms at the water treament facility on our beautiful "Waterfront."

I really hope they know what they're doing!

I spoke with Maryann O'Connor, Director Health Division of Inspectional Services, earlier today and it looks like due to the complexity of this matter, the city had to hire the consultant to recommend a long-term unbiased solution to this problem. Very common tactic and I hope that the expense of this gets put on Garelick.

She also reports that the Budweiser fix seems to be working as of last reports. Short term solution in place. Longer term solution needed.

Good to see the city working so hard to protect our image. Shout out to Capano and O'Connor for fighting the good fight! The last thing we want is smelly milk waste to be the welcome into Lynn.

In my last message to Ms. O'Connor I asked if what we are breathing has any health risks associated with it. No response as of this posting...


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