Sunday, August 8, 2010

Arts After Hours - Backyard Bash Celebrating the Art of Downtown Lynn

If you regularly follow me on Twitter, Facebook or just read the blog a lot, you have no doubt heard about Arts After Hours. If you haven't, you need to check out the Arts After Hours site and then go RSVP on Facebook.  While you have heard a lot about what we're doing, I thought I'd lay down a little of why I'm doing it.

For me, Downtown Lynn is a work of art. I think a lot of us moved here because we were excited about the creation. Whether the end goal be a better world, honoring the past generations, or simply higher property values, we're all in this for a better Downtown Lynn.

Arts After Hours, for me, is about keeping up the momentum. I was so angry when I found out Third Thursdays were disbanded, even angrier when I asked all my elected officials and they hadn't heard that they were to be no more. After some prodding and poking of the people who have the money and experience running these things, I realized I was at a dead end. We were going to have to do it ourselves, and you know what, it's turning out to be a blessing.

This creation is being driven by Jocelyn Almy-Testa, Seth Albaum, and myself (Corey Jackson). Jocelyn has a great post about why she is doing Arts After Hours on the TLGUTs blog.  I've really enjoyed working with Jocelyn and Seth on this project. Seth has been able to put together some great entertainment for you all. Jocelyn has pulled together some amazing artists to show their talents. We were able to get two downtown businesses to provide food, wine, and beer.

This is a backyard bash to celebrate the artist... whether that artist be a painter, photographer, chef, business owner, or resident of Downtown Lynn, we are all a part of this creation.

There will be more events of a Bad Ass nature. We may have some of those details ready soon. I hope in the future to use my talents as a stage director to produce some high-quality theatre in the area under the Arts After Hours banner.  As Jocelyn says in her recent post, we're an artsy bunch, we just haven't been that loud about it. It's time to get loud... suckahs!

Look forward to seeing you all at Arts After Hours on August 12th at 7PM. For the official press release see the Facebook fan page.

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  1. Aww, I wish I could attend! Unfortunately I'll be out of town on vacation. Next time...


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