Saturday, August 14, 2010

Arts After Hours Inaugural Event a Huge Success!

I am too tired to go in to great detail, but I wanted to get some pictures up for you guys to see some of the key moments of the event last night. If you missed Arts After Hours, stay tuned to,,, or just about any other blog in the city of Lynn. Once we have details, we'll turn on the marketing faucet again.

Last night, something special was born in Downtown Lynn. It wasn't a difficult thing to pull together. When we're all in this thing and we all care this passionately about the success of the area, it's a natural thing to bring us all together to celebrate it. Thanks to everyone who helped make last night a very special night in Central Square.

Juan Gonzales serving up his amazing delights!
Dave Simmons, Steve Peabody, and Brian Donnelly

Brian McDermott - photographer

Mirror Neurons
Spiral Glyphics
Spiral Glyphics
After party at Turbine Wine Bar

More pictures available on Downtown Lynn Facebook Fan Page!

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