Sunday, August 1, 2010

Commuter Rail Adventures - Downtown Lynn to Newburyport in 40 Minutes

We all go to Boston every morning in 19 minutes, but a lot of us also use this rail line to take us to various gems across the North Shore. While we all love Lynn and can't bear to leave it, sometimes we do get away...

This weekend Sarah and I decided to get away and do something summery on the North Shore. For those of you who do not know, our commuter rail line juts off at Beverly Station in two fantastic North Shore directions, Rockport and Newburyport. Today, we took the Newburyport line all the way to the end.

Once we arrived in Newburyport, we walked the trail to Downtown Newburyport. This is poorly marked and if you don't know where you are going, you will get a bit lost. We did. We eventually figured out we should continue in the direction the train was heading and we stumbled on to the Clipper City Rail Trail.  It's a shame the "rail trail" doesn't have "rails" on it anymore so the commuter rail could just drop us off in actual Downtown Newburyport, but alas.  It was a great 1.1 mile walk down the Clipper City Rail Trail to the Merrimack River.

Once in Newburyport we headed over to the Farmer's market which was open from 9AM-1PM. Lots of fun stuff in addition to veggies. Savory Kitchen was there with some delicious chocolate chip cookies and other baked goods. We then took in a few of the stores in the Tannery, which were fantastic. Home goods, toys, pottery, and foodie type stores. We got a new rug for our kitchen.

After some time at the Farmer's Market, we were pretty hungry. Although we had recommendations to take in Stella's for breakfast, we were a bit late for that. So, we asked Twitter what to do! Most of you responded with The Black Cow, so we headed back in that direction and had one of the best lunches we've ever had. Sarah had a salad and the mussels. I got a cheeseburger and a Long Trail Ale.   The cheeseburger was some awesome beef with oozing cheddar cheese and awesome french fries to go with it. I was jealous of the women at the table next to us who got onion rings substituted. Those looked amazing.

After the Black Cow, we continued to shop. Our first stop was Oldies Marketplace. This place is incredible. I've been there before to buy a tuba for a production of The Music Man I directed, and the antique bottles that made up part of our wedding centerpieces. It was fun to show Sarah where the bottles came from.

We visited many other shops along Merrimack (I think?), State, and Pleasant Streets. Some great shops with various gifts, home goods, one store that had a UK theme to it (very cool and I may be back there for some boots). We got some Richardson's ice cream (which seems to be everywhere these days) and headed to the boardwalk to sit and people watch.

We then decided we needed to get out on the water. Lucky for us, the harbor tours leave every hour from 11AM on, so we got on the 4PM harbor cruise with Captain Bill. He has been doing this for 30 years, seems to resent all the rich people that live on the shores of his tour, but is hilariously funny about it. That was a great way to end our day and enjoy some peaceful time out on the river.

A 1.1 Mile walk back to the commuter rail station and 40 minute journey back to Lynn, and we're home.

A wonderful day in a wonderful New England town and to top it all off..... it's SO EASY to get to from Downtown Lynn.  Give it a try next weekend!

Leave a comment... Where does the commuter rail take you? Where should we go on our next journey?


  1. Next adventure: Rockport! ....and, I want in especially if there are chocolate chip cookies involved.

    A comment re: NBPT - took the train up a few weeks ago and it was such a great experience to sit on the train and not see the same industrial sites every day during my 19 minute commute into Beantown. The water views, greenery and the cute houses we passed made for a relaxing ride. While we didn't opt for the 1.1 mile walk, we pedicabbed it into town from the station. The gentleman who had the pleasure of taking us was riding to raise funds for the Pan-Mass Challenge (which as you know, raises money for the Dana Farber Cancer Insitute). Here's their link:'s so great to live in a city that has such great access to North Shore destinations! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Allright. I'm in for Rockport. When we going?


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