Thursday, August 12, 2010

Council Notes from Lynn City Council Meeting - August 10th, 2010

This was one I really wanted to attend but I was having a wonderful night with my wife instead at Sculler's Jazz Club in Boston. We took in Athene Wilson and Friends. She was our wedding band on May 17th, 2009 and it was definitely better than sitting through a city council meeting. I have to admit, I may have got kicked out of this one so it's probably better I wasn't there.

I'm so happy these things get taped now both by LynnCAM and where it's available on demand.

For those of you out of the loop and haven't yet read Wednesday's item, police officer Greg Leblanc had a Home Rule Petition to increase his 72% pension to 100%. He's in his 40s and suffered a career ending injury responding to a call. Granted, he may have not followed the correct procedure. The Chief of Police isn't even behind him on this one, so that says something, I guess.  Listening to this guys story, it's easy to say throw 100% at him. From the sound of Councilor Ford, that was what he thought was going to happen until they got to the chamber session.

What has me angry might surprise you. Yeah, Lozzi is a....(I'll let you fill in the blank). Whatever, that ship has sailed. I know several Ward 1 residents who back me up on this one. Replace in next election please!!!! He should have kept his mouth shut. No one wanted to table that thing. But since Phelan was staring at him, I guess he really had no choice. It was obvious that was what they had worked out before hand.....  So Lozzi tables. Good for you Duffy on voting NO! The only one with guts on this particular issue. Then....comes the most telling moment in City Council history!

Councilor Ford says, wait a minute, can I say something? Phelan says, sure... if you want to suspend the rules.. I guess we can let you talk. Ford basically lets the public know that everyone thought the 100% was a no-brainer and now..... here we are.... all worried that this will open the city up to several other requests so therefore we should not grant this particular request on it's own merit????   Now this still isn't what has me upset.

Two people got up to speak in favor of Greg LeBlanc. No one got up in opposition. Yet when the public hearing ended a sea of people left the room. Why didn't you all speak?????? It doesn't matter if the person before you said it all. Speak! Be heard! This city council has a bit of a hearing problem but after a while if enough people stand up, you might be surprised. Granted the outcome still would have been the same... see earlier paragraph... but you would of at least have had your say. What's the point in going if you're not going to speak up?

To put a further nail in the city shroud of secrecy, when the city solicitor was asked a simple question about whether or not this would open the city up to further requests for 100% pensions, he bowed out referencing the fact that this particular vote was tabled and he did not have to answer that question.  Wow! How brave!

OK.. enough of me being a jerk..... now on to the GREAT NEWS for Downtown Lynn.

Apollo Restaurant over by the YMCA has been granted a beer and wine license for 4PM-1AM weekdays and 12 noon-1AM weekends! This is fantastic. Check out my review of Apollo Restaurant in Lynn, MA from months ago. I will go back when I get a beer with my gyro!

and... finally... Turbine Wine Bar has been approved for a Full Liquor License by the City Council. This is great news for Stephen Hanley and Turbine and for many of my friends who now will be able to get their drink of choice at North Shore Magazine's Readers Choice for Best Wine List.

Don't take my word for it,  see for yourself on


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