Friday, August 20, 2010

Goodbye Wonderland

I may be in a minority opinion here but what else is new. Casinos and race tracks will do little but bring Lynn more issues. I am not and never will be in favor of casinos coming to the next town over from Lynn. I believe it will equal the further destruction of the North Shore downtown just as we have begun to make progress in reinventing it.

Where would you go on a Friday night? Lynn Auditorium to see Hall and Oates or the big shiny casino a town away with much better loss-leader entertainment. Don't even get me started on what this would do for live theatre.

Where would you go for drinks and dinner? Turbine Wine Bar or the big shiny new club/restaurant with some big name celebrity attached to it.

Finally, look at all the areas around the casinos in the south, Connecticut, Atlantic City, and Vegas. Poverty defined! It will do lots for the state revenue short term. It will do lots for the town it is directly in in terms of tourism and hospitality.

A large casino in Revere does nothing for Lynn but empty out our downtown and give us a lot more problems to create a whole lot more tax payer funded services to address.

So, goodbye Wonderland. I can only hope and pray that the casino bill stays dead.

So, that's my opinion. What's yours?


  1. In a way, modern casinos are like shopping malls. If you have everything shiny and new contained within the same complex, nearby business districts will fail. Local character, or what there is of it these days, will be lost.

    Gambling brings people out, but so do the shows, shopping, bad restaurants, and overall, the big tacky spectacle of it all.."The wonder of it all..?"

    It's not gambling itself that I'm opposed to, because I believe it's fundamentally wrong to tell people they can't be completely stupid with their money. Instead, I fear what will happen to the surrounding communities whose roads can't bear the traffic and whose businesses will not be of any interest to the throng of casino-goers.

    And if we benefit slightly from faster roads and flyovers, will people just bypass downtown Lynn altogether? And what about restaurants and businesses on Broadway in Revere?

    If there is any trade off I'm willing to consider in exchange for a gambling complex nearby, it's an extension of the Blue Line. Only the Blue Line would have the power to overcome the negative effects of a casino.

  2. I have no issue against gambling either. I guess I should have included that I love Vegas an I love playing craps but leave it there and in Connecticut.


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