Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lynn Auditorium Begins 2010-2011 Schedule!!!

December 18th
Kenny Rogers

I mean who doesn't want to sing along to The Gambler or Lady in Lynn Audorium. I know one Former Lynner who now lives in Peabody, MA that is definitely going to be in the audience for this one. And Jamie better give my mom a meet and greet :-)

The Rat Pack is coming on November 5th (direct from las vegas)

Captured, The Journey Tribute will be there on November 20th

The Lynn Lions Battle of the Bands will represent on October 23rd

There is a possibility of Hall & Oates being added to the schedule - Yeah, the 30 somethings in Central Square are crazy about this one. This better happen!!!!!

Jamie Marsh is Lynn Auditorium. I was in City Hall today after hours and he was done with solving the city's community development problems for the day, but he wasn't done with Lynn. He was in the auditorium helping to load back in the staging from Culturefest II. I know I've said he bleeds for Lynn more than once on this blog, but he really does. He really does!

I've never seen one man do more for this city! Period.

Support Lynn Auditorium. All of you call your moms today and have them save the date for Kenny Rogers. Dec 18th. See you there!


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  1. Fingers crossed for Hall & Oates! Any chance Lynn can get the 'real' Journey (w/Steve Perry or Arnel Pineda)? Oooh, and how about Tears for Fears?


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