Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lynn, MA on tax free weekend

Let's get this Lynn economy pumping! Ideas for today and tomorrow:

Omar and Oscar jewelers - Central Square

Lynnway Liquors - 1A

Lucia Lighting - Western Ave rt 107

Zimmans furniture - Market St.

The Little Gallery Under the Stairs art and gift shop - 25 Exchange St.

What am I missing?

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  1. Head down to the Little Gallery Under the Stairs and buy some art!

  2. Omg, how could I forget that this weekend??? How late are they open today?

  3. North Shore Cycles on Western Ave

    Lynn Lumber

    Noteborn showroom (more for contractors/designers)

    Ferguson Bath & Kitchen Gallery on the Lynnway

    North Shore Furniture

    (that's just for now...) :)

  4. threads - Kascada Boutique on Munroe... any other clothes? :(

    You can pick up a pair of shoes at TLGUTS! ;)

  5. Boston Bed Co. on Market St..... my husband and I just stopped in and bought a new mattress!

  6. I will be here until at least 6pm, most likely later...

  7. Pennyworths is a classic place to get back to school sports gear. Boston St

    Linda's Jewlers another old time store.City Hall Square

    Flowers by Lorraine, Boston St.

  8. There are designer jeans shirt shoes etc in the store on the corner of central square and munroe. Never been inside but looks like quality stuff.

  9. Oh yeah. There's a vacuum store on Market as well that has a great reputation.

  10. Booras (also called Osborne) Pharmacy rocks. One of the owners, Ken, is a lifelong Lynner and gives back to the community. He is one of my neighbors.


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