Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lynn Restaurant Assocation President Response to Phelan

The last time I tired to make this point, I may have failed as most of the conversation led to the pitbull debate. Well, now you can hear the other side of the story. A side the Item failed (or should I say, Phel'd) to print.  Here's a link to the Lynn Restaurant Association blog and President Subero's response to Tim Phelan.



  1. The first article in the paper, did mention that is was only a question. And a shameful one if that.

    When Phelan asks at City Hall who supports the new zoning,
    I'll raise both my hands in the air :)

    the last thing us nice girls need, are outsiders calling us dancers. "oh your from Lynn?" lol j.k.

  2. It does make one a little wary of asking questions of just about any kind at City Hall, doesn't it?

    The advantage to having an adult entertainment 'zone' is that it keeps such places from opening just about anywhere. Without it, the city actually has fairly limited power to stop such a business.

  3. I'll ask if they'd consider putting it on the first floor of the VNA building ;)

  4. Maybe someone will propose a stripper pitbull fight club. The first rule is don't talk about stripper pitbull fight club.

  5. We only worry about this crap in America (and maybe a few other fundamentalist countries)

  6. Save Spring Pond Woods. Walmart is evil. Save it!!!!


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