Monday, August 2, 2010

One Page Guide to Everything Downtown Lynn, Massachusetts

Thanks to Lynn Experiment and some other downtowners for taking some extreme initative to not only put this flyer together but also run it around downtown like mad making sure every resident saw it tonight. This is such a great resource, I hope you all enjoy.

Questions?? You can email me or Kevin on the email addresses provided on the sheet.

DTL Overview                                                               



  1. Corey,

    Thank you for promoting the one pager! Kevin and I had fun running around to downtown condo buildings last night, meeting other residents, checking out other condo buildings, and sharing some great information. I highly encourage all of you out there to get involved! Meet your downtown neighbors by attending local events and stay updated by reading the Lynn blogs!! :)
    Cheryl Pyburn
    Sloan Machinery Lofts

  2. Thanks to you and Kevin for putting it together. When you going to start blogging? I want to hear more about your recent run in with the public urinators!

  3. I've thought about blogging every once in a while, but we don't want too many bloggers out there!! ;) I'll tell you about what the MBTA police told me when they had me fill out the police report.

  4. every blogger helps put lynn on the map :)

  5. Everytime a blogger writes, an angel is born in heaven. Isn't that the saying?


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