Thursday, August 5, 2010

Part-time General Assignment Reporter Sought at The Daily Item

Amazing. The Daily Item is seeking a part-time general assignment reporter. I just caught this on a Lynn, MA blog search and was pointed at this Craigslist posting. I think my favorite part is the instructions to mail or fax your stuff over. What is this new-fangled Internet thing, anyway?

I'm thinking we bloggers should apply as a group. I typed up this fax. I just wish I had a fax machine!!!

Dear Daily Item,
I know you've seen and do not like it. That's fine. While I have had my issues with your content as well, for the most part, I'm happy you're here. Have you seen,,,, etc. I was wondering this, because if you have seen these blogs, I think you would save some money on your part-time general assignment reporter and re-use some blog content instead. Your paper is mostly AP content on certain days of the week. I mean even your editorial page is filled with AP content a lot of the time. That just doesn't make any sense in a town like Lynn.We got things to say, and we're saying 'em!

If you would consider Downtown Lynn as a content source for your paper, take a look at some of this. We have election coverage, Public Interest Stories, Arts & Entertainment, Travel, Dining Reviews, and tons of Editorial Content. The readership is at historic high levels and I can only imagine that the bloggers and the Daily Item would benefit from a mutual agreement. We would benefit in readers and a more open dialogue, you would benefit in content. We even do video and we're pretty damn good photographers. So, we don't have majors in journalism, but honestly, how's that working out for your paper these days anyway?

I hope you will have Phil call me to discuss.

Corey Jackson
Lynn Blogger


  1. Nice one :) They're making the same mistake as the music industry, in ignoring the rest of the world to clutch onto all that they've ever known. I find it ironic that they found Craigslist but still only accept resumes mailed or faxed.

    The music industry's failure was Apple's win, and now the industry is being pulled right along with them.

    Are bloggers today's Apple?

  2. The malls in Peabody were mostly responsible for drawing out the downtowns of Salem and Lynn in the 70's. Salem was able to bring their downtown back, but now they are making errors with bringing the big boxes to their own outskirts, leaving many small, medium and even large businesses worried.

    The Item is key in helping Lynn revive. Many people read the paper. Its covered everyones childhood, with pride. We need more content in the paper that prides on Lynn. More history, more event coverage, more positive stuff. People miss this. This used to be the main way of the paper in history. We need to stop showing interest in the police department matters that have swallowed up the content writing in the paper on most occassions. There is a reason people moved out of downtown in the late 80's. They do not want to hear, see or discuss the thugs who have taken over the old homes.

    Dont take this personal Lynn Item... I still love the local paper. And I'ld love a job, or even a guest commentary from time to time.


  3. hmmm, I wrote for the Standard Times during my pre-Lynn life and have a number of bylines under my belt... I would love to see an arts/entertainment section in the paper!

  4. it would be interesting to give them a little competition and see if they rise to the challenge.


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